Nurture & Royalty – Cancer & Leo This Weekend!

On Friday September 27, 2013, the Moon is happy in the Water sign it rules –Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac. There will be sensitivity and emotion, but also the possibility of good home cooking. (Not a bad combo, as long as you don’t over eat because of all the sensitivity and emotion.) Don’t let moodiness get in the way and let Cancer’s kind, mothering instincts invite those you are fond of to share the healthy and tasty things on the stove.

Early Sunday morning, the Moon takes a regal bow in Fire sign Leo (always a time for some fun and drama). Leo is ruled by the Sun, so dress up for the occasion. Take advantage of all those golden “royal” feelings and show off a little - attention will be paid. Spread around the other sunny good stuff too, like generosity and creativity – enjoy.

Have a super weekend!