Nurturing: a Word I Had Forgotten

A long-time best friend wrote something that will make a difference in my life. "...and nurturing the things that are meaningful to me."

I've been thinking about it since she wrote it two days ago. I've created a to do list for life and nothing on it involved nurturing. It's a list of things I need to do.

Sarah is a remarkable woman. She's 40+ years old, got her BS in the spring, is earning her masters now so that she can help people and raised five kids (all of them teenagers at once!), while going to college full time and working full time. She graduated at the top of the class and spoke at graduation. She is one of the wisest and most intelligent women I know.

My to do list includes planting fruit trees. Until Sarah talked about nurturing meaningful things I thought of planting the trees as another job waiting to be done. It's more than that now. Planting fruit trees will nurture my farm. They will feed my family and friends. These trees will nurture my soul.

Have you ever had a friend so much like you that you thought of her or him as your soul mate? Another best friend and I are so much a like that I have overlooked how different we are. We hunt, fish, wild harvest food, garden and most everything else together. A glaring difference has come to light. We don't get through life's problems in similar ways. One of us runs on facts, the other on emotions. "...and nurturing the things that are more meaningful to me." She is meaningful and I need to be more nurturing. Problem discovered and soon, problem solved. I will be a better friend and learn to be a better nurturer.


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