Nutella Banoffee Cream Pie

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When it comes to Nutella-inspired dessert, restraint is the last thing on my mind. My contribution to last year’s Nutella Day was fun and whimsical in the form of icebox cake and buckeyes. This year, I want a rich and totally over-the-top cream pie. I took inspiration from the ever popular Nutella and banana crepe. Add in a bit of British influence from banoffee pie, my Nutella Banoffee Cream Pie is born.

Nutella Banoffee Cream Pie

My Nutella Banoffee Cream Pie starts with a buttery pie crust with a hint of crunchy graham cracker crumbs. It is filled with a thick layer of Nutella and a smooth layer of caramel banana cream cheese filling. It is crowned with billowy Chantilly cream and studded with banana slices and hazelnuts. The sweetness of Nutella is offset by the mildly tangy cream cheese. At the same time, the complex caramel undertone highlights a taste more sophisticated than plain sugary sweetness. I especially love the change in texture from crunchy to sticky to creamy to airy. This dessert is not for the faint of heart.


Nutella Banoffee Cream Pie: SlicedThe drawback of creating a dessert with so many different taste and textural contrast is that there’s lots of individual components to prepare. I miss the simplicity of my recipes from last year. But at the same time, the final result is a show-stopping dessert. You have to agree that there is a time and place for show-stoppers, right?

As silly as it sounds, I found it awfully satisfying to scoop out large spoonfuls of Nutella from the family-size jar that I bought from Costco, in package of two. Nutella is such a decadent treat that my normal choice of utensil is a tiny espresso spoon for the smallest taste. When I was making this pie, I almost feel guilty for every sticky dollop that I transferred from jar to pie crust. Obviously I have lots of Nutella leftover from this little project. I think I’ll have to check out everyone’s creation so I can put those leftover to good use.

(Get the recipe from Dessert By Candy)

Nutella Banoffee Cream Pie



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