NYC Installment 3: So Much Bacon

Okay, so this just keeps going. I took something like 317 pictures? A lot of pictures, in any case.

Just keep this in mind: I can't even finish Saturday in this entry. There was just too much awesome.

In any case, the Trio wanted to see if they couldn't catch the live filming of the Today show, so we rolled out of bed super early, ate a nice, simple breakfast in the hotel, and hit the streets to walk over to Rockefeller Center, where the filming happens... It also happens to be one of the Big Tourist Places to Visit in NYC.

Being tourists, of course, we were happy to oblige.

The day started bright and sunny. It was great to see the sky bouncing off all the huge buildings, although I did feel a little bit closed in by all the tall.

The buildings were very Art Deco, with all kinds of relief etchings or outright carvings like this one. This one was definitely my favorite building decoration we saw that weekend, and we saw a lot of them.

Close-up shot of the carving above the door. Look at how imposing that is.


See a WHOLE lot more photos of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Carnegie Deli and more (and read more ramblings about our visit!) at Stress and Stars!


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