Tween Girls, Movies, and The Old Grey Lady.

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[Editor's Note:  Thought this was an interesting take on Tween's true - we've really yet to see relatable YA cinema - and please don't say Juno - not all kids are pregnant and precocious with a penchant for alliteration  That's not realalabitility.]

With "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer" opening in movie theaters this Friday, June 10, The New York Times ran a story, yesterday, on movies for tween girls, Girls of a Certain Age Challenge Hollywood. Although books and book series written for tween girls do phenomenal business and are often best-sellers, the same does not hold true for their movie adaptations.

During the last few years, adaptations of tween classics such as Nancy Drew, Ramona and Beezus and Ella Enchanted were not hits at the box office. The NYT article delves into possible reasons for this disparity.

1. Preadolescence is a very awkward time period for a girl. They are not carefree children, nor are they angst-filled teenagers. Although the NYT only discusses the social anxieties of this age group, what is left unsaid is that this is the time period when girls often look their worst. Not cute anymore, but not sexy yet, as anyone who has ever been a tween girl can attest to, looking back at pictures from this time period is not fun.



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