O Canada and the Campaign for Change

I love my country's national anthem, but it seems a group of esteemed Canadian women do not. They believe it should be gender neutral, meaning they want to line "in all our sons command" changed to "in all of us command." In 1913, "in all our sons command" replaced "thou dost in us command." On the news, they said this was done to honour those in the military. This group, however, says that there was no documented reasoning behind the change and therefore, if it was changed once it can be changed again. This isn't the only thing people have wanted to change, though. Many think the word God should be taken out because many people do not believe in God.

In my opinion, a national anthem is a sacred thing. I hold ours very close to my heart and I don't want it to be changed. I'm not alone in that either. Other people told a reporter last night that they didn't want it changed either. The leader of one of the political parties, Tom Mulcair said that our anthem is "wonderful" and "extraordinary." He added that messing around with the words is just asking for trouble. On the flipside, writer Margaret Atwood stated, "The words 'All thy sons command' in the English national anthem suggests that only male loyalty is being invoked. Restoring these lyrics to gender-neutral is not only an easy fix to make our anthem inclusive for all Canadians, but it's also long overdue."

I think we need to take a page from our neighbour to the south and learn to be more patriotic rather than nit-picking about certain word. It's not at all about gender or faith. It's about pride and love for the country. There is deep meaning in these words that is special to the people who sing it. It might not mean the same to everyone. I think this is one of those things that shouldn't be dealt with just like Mulcair. I appreciate where Atwood and the other ladies in the campaign are coming from, but I'm quite uncomfortable with it being changed. It doesn't feel right at all to me.

What would you think of a campaign to change your country's anthem?

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