O Me of Little Faith !


The closer we approached the November 6th, 2012 election, the more my faith decreased.  It didn't start that way. Perhaps the now defeated Mitt Romney was an alternative to the problems facing America. I admired the Mormons commitment to their faith and I admired their commitment to family. But my admiration was insufficient.

Perspectives changed as I learned more about the alternative who was the GOP's first choice. The hammer that placed the nail in the box was the 47% video uncovered by David Corn, the author of “47 Percent."  The defeated candidate spoke of my son who attends college and relies on my health insurance.  

Yet with the 47% video, the flip flopping and the political ads attacking the Incumbent; my faith subsided in the reelection of the President.  He was vulnerable. At least it appeared so. The economy was a contender. Although I felt secured in my job, I wanted my family, friends and neighbors to thrive. The unemployment rate didn't help the President. The disastrous debate on October 3, 2012 decreased the faith. Even with his redemption at the last debate... fast forward to election night. My anxiety increased and my faith decreased.  It just didn't look good from the onset.  I prayed. I prayed for God’s will. 

My faith took a turn for the best when Stephanie Cutter, Deputy campaign manager for President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign reported with enthusiasm and confidence an anticipated victory. Florida and Ohio kept me and I am sure the rest of America on pins and needles. But faith arose and Ohio came through for the 47% Americans as well as the remaining 53% of Americans who too will be governed by the President re-elect. After Ohio’s win, my faith in Florida didn’t matter. 

I leaned to my own understanding for the past two months. I can hear my father’s words, "Oh ye of little faith !”



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