Obama is not Coming After Your Guns and Romney is not Coming After Your Tampons

Before you get excited, this is NOT a post that is looking for or encouraging political bashing. So if you plan on getting busy in the comment section posting nasty stuff (not Janet Jackson nasty but political nasty. JJ nasty is perfectly acceptable), you’ll be asked to leave. You’ve been warned.Janet Jackson

What it IS is a post about the crazy crap people are spewing without checking to see if it’s even remotely true. Social media is like the world’s worst game of "Telephone". Remember that game? We played it a lot in theatre to help us with our enunciation and to work on speaking clearly. One person picks a sentence, whispers it into the ear of the next person and then that person is supposed to whisper the same sentence in the next person’s ear and so on. The goal is that by the time it gets back to the original person, it was the same sentence.

This never happened. That sentence was so jacked up by the time it got to the end that it wasn’t even remotely close to what it started as.

Elections + social media = Telephone on steroids

We are ONE week away from the big day… election day. Many have already voted but that hasn’t eased up the stream of bantering back and forth between parties and along with that bantering, is a lot of bad information.

Case in point – the title of this post. M has said to me more than once that Romney wants to get rid of abortion, birth control and tampons.

Uhm… where did you hear that? She never could answer that one. While I was very proud of her for taking a stand and voicing her opinions, I cautioned her to double-check her facts before using this particular argument again.

I explained to her that while Romney may be against abortion and that Ryan may have indicated that he was against birth control, I highly doubted that either would take a strong, political stance against feminine hygiene products. I mean, we’re all against bad cramps, wings and commercials showing happy women dressed all in white, but a political platform? Hardly.

It’s easy to read something and get so excited that you have to hit that “share” or “comment” button but before you do, take one second and make sure what you’re getting ready to repeat has some resemblance of truth. What adds to the challenge is that it’s hard to find a source that reports honest and accurate information. There was a time that people existed who were called journalists. The only thing these people held more firmly than their pen was the truth. You could get honest, unbiased reporting – not anymore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve headed over to Snopes.com to make sure something was true before I reposted it. I’ve goofed a couple of times and posted erroneous stuff… not anymore.

Snopes.com is your friend. Live it. Learn it. Love it. And while you’re double checking the information, head to dictionary.com to make sure you’re spelling is correct. Because the only thing worse than bad information is bad information spelled incorrectly.

And finally, breathe easy knowing that in a week it will all be over and life will go back to normal and all these political debates will go away.

in addition to M, I’d like to give a little shout out to friends Scott and Will for inspiring this post. That blog title is all Will’s. So if you don’t like if, please email him and let him know. He loves fan mail.

Yes – you should check that last line on Snopes.com before you believe it.


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Kristen Daukas