Obama & Reagan: There's No Comparison

Despite what Time Magazine thinks, there's really no comparison between Obama and President Reagan.

Obama and Jimmy Carter? They're practically long-lost twins.

In response to the cover story of Time, Citizens United highlighted just a few clips to demonstrate the gulf between the philosophies, talents, respect and capabilities of the two men. Having just read about the faith of Ronald Reagan, there's simply no comparison.

Sure, every president can learn from his predecessors. There are only 43 other men who have ever held this job. It would behoove Obama to learn from Reagan's example.

Unfortunately, it looks as thought the Obama Admin wants to borrow from Reagan's style and not his substance. Reagan's speeches wouldn't be remembered today if it wasn't for the policies that they referenced and the resolute principles for which Reagan stood.

*I also find it hard to take any news article seriously that uses the word "bromance" as Time does on page three here.

Adrienne works in the conservative movement and blogs at Cosmopolitan Conservative.


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