The Obama Superbowl "Join" Ad

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I had a rather visceral reaction to Obama's Superbowl ad that asked folks to text the word "Hope" to a certain number and appears to be an ad that the campaign dubbed, "Join."

I wrote about it last night, here and here, and you can see some interesting comments at both locations. Likewise, my good Ohio blogging friend, Eric, wrote a response on his blog, here.

The gist of my concern: I'm not a "joiner" - not to movements and in general, not because someone just says, "Join." I want to be persuaded by more than the fact that it IS a movement and lots of others are doing it. I don't see evil intent - that's not it. But I just bristle at the push to "join."

From the comments my questioning of this approach has elicited, I can tell that many people see the concept as benign. And yet, it still just does not appeal to me - there's something too manipulative about it.

Here's the ad if you haven't seen it. How kooky am I to have had this kind of negative reaction?


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