And.... it's up and running! Or not.

Yes. It is. The President says so. 

He says if there is a problem it's because there are sooooo many people trying to sign up. You know- like moths to a flame. That enticing. That many. That willing.

Not only that, but the ages of those on board are young! Like under 30! OMG! Our kids, who will not often have health concerns are willing to pay into the ponzi schemeto off-set the ridiculous cost of health care for the elderly.

It's magic! Little darlings. 

But wait. 

The sites down. 

Now it's up!

Now it's down.

The numbers are for 'views' and not 'subscriptions'?


The States individual sites are working?

It's the Federal site that's all wonky?

How's that even possible...

Washington never get's anything wrong.



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