Obama's Doctrine

This past weekend was brimming over with commentary on news channels about the Obama administration’s mishandling of the Libyan terrorist attacks. There is, of course, rampant speculation about why the President and his talking heads still can’t seem to get their stories straight on exactly what happened.


I don’t know why it is so difficult. It’s pretty clear to me that the president just thought he could somehow sweep his ineptitude – the incompetence and arrogance which resulted in the deaths of our Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans – under the rug where the voters might not see it until the elections are over.


For reasons I cannot comprehend, this president thinks he’s a foreign policy expert. If he’s Henry Kissinger, he’s an insufferably arrogant, cocky version of that astute Doctor.  Obama thinks he doesn’t need, and – until this story broke upon us – consistently refused to participate in the daily intelligence briefings which all other presidents have depended upon over the decades to keep Americans safe. Obama has simply depended upon his intimate knowledge of the Islamic mind-set (he grew up in a Muslim household and has his very own Muslim sister, after all.) and his peerless charisma to keep our troops and our diplomats out of trouble. Yeah. Right.


The leader of the free world has been playing Russian roulette using a gun with nuclear bullets. His recklessness has come back to bite him in the first butt. In retrospect, I suppose we all should have known it was just a matter of time before Obama’s lack of attention to the dangerous reality of the radical Islamists around the world who don’t seem impressed with the fact that he went to an Islamic school as a child, would cost human lives. What we fail to understand still is that no changes are being made to the Obama Doctrine. He’s still leading from behind. I guess he still thinks he’s got it handled while the danger grows around us daily. The game continues.


Somehow it seems to me that American voters would catch on to the gravity of the foreign policy nightmare this president has created. With embassies burning and our flags aflame around the world, it seems like a very good time to revisit our policy vis a vis terrorism. Duh.

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