The Obsession With Sweepstakes


Sometimes a passion turns into an obsession. Whether it's finding the best deals, using coupons, or entering sweepstakes, it becomes a consuming part of our lives in a way we could have never imagined in the beginning.

I began entering sweepstakes, or "sweeping" for fun in 2009 as a way to kill the boredom during my husband's deployments. I always thought of it a fun game or hobby that I could play with the chance to win prizes. I never took it seriously until I started winning BIG repetitively.

South African Safari Trip won in 2011.



An hour or two in the evenings has become a full-time job. I find myself consumed with blogging, entering, and winning. Sometimes, my house is a mess, laundry needs done, but the drive for the "win" or for one more entry has consumed me. It's an obsession.  Sometimes I feel like a hoarder of sweepstakes. They start piling up and it will take me all day to enter my numerous conglomeration of bookmarks. It's like a vigilant mission to win. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably never completely quit blogging or entering. It's the total Obsessive sweepers are waiting for the next big win, much like a drug addict is waiting for their next hit. It's no way to live.

I'm fighting back. This month is all about finding balance.

I love the feeling of a "win" and I love all of the extras it brings to our house. The free vacations, cash prizes, electronics sometimes helps us make ends meet. You name it, I've won it. 

I've found recently that between blogging and entering, I'm starting to feel lost to who I am anymore. I love blogging, I love helping people win prizes they could only dream of, but it's time I refocus my priorities.

Don't get me wrong, I'll probably never completely quit blogging or entering. It's the total consumption that concerns me. I'm starting to miss the time with my husband. I feel like I'm starting miss myself. I don't want to let anyone down, especially my family.

What happens if I don't win? Will my children go hungry? No. Will we not be able to afford our grocery bill? No. Still I find that the compromise is difficult. It's an everyday struggle not to stay on the computer all day.

Whether it's couponing, deal-finding, sweepstakes or some other hobby, do you ever find yourself consumed? Where do you draw the line?


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