The Obvious Game, Now in View

Good news! BlogHer's own Rita Arens, Senior Editor, has moved ahead in the publication of her latest book, The Obvious Game. On Thursday, December 20, 2012, she shared the Cover Reveal for this, her first young adult novel and invites you to the party.

Those of you who know Rita as the party girl she is, will not be surprised she comes through the door with party favors for all. Not only has Rita shared the cover, but she graciously tips off her friends, they can scoop a pre-pub discount from the publisher. Inkspell Publishing has scheduled The Obvious Game for a publishing date of February 7, 2013 and you, and you, and you as well, are invited to order it at a 30% discount on paperback and e-book by clicking here.

Rita Arens authors her first young adult novel, due out February 7, 2013.


When I went to BlogHer '12, I was amazed to see real live BlogHer celebrity avatars walking around the New York Hilton. I was like "I Love Lucy's" Lucy Ricardo sightseeing with Ethel, star-stuck in Hollywood. "Oh my goodness! That person looks just like DENISE!"  "Look over there! That must be ELISA!" "Wow! Can you believe I was twenty feet away from DEB ROX?"

And, so it was when I saw RITA ARENS, sitting with her sister, giggling and laughing, looking just like her avatar. BTW, when I say "her avatar," I mean the earlier version where she was laughing, not the new blue one where she is looking dignified, sophisticated and like a published novelist. Although her previous avatar looked lively and endearing, nothing prepared me for seeing Rita in real life. If I had to sum her up in one hyphenated word, it would be "Fun-Seeker" with capital letters.

For many BlogHer '12 events, we met in the Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton. It was a tremendously large meeting space. But, even so, I could easily look over from my table and see Rita and her friends. Every time I saw her, she was giggling, sometimes throwing her head back as she started off again on another laughing fit. It was infectious and I wanted to get to know her better.

It was real life experience arising out of the online women's forum known as BlogHer, with its never-ending opportunities.  And now, reading up on Rita's BlogHer posts, her web site posts and her journalistic resume, I am getting to know her better. Because of that, I am also looking forward to reading The Obvious Game in February and have pre-ordered my copy.

Rita has widened her publishing horizons with The Obvious Game. Well known for editing the award winning anthology, Sleep is for the Weak (Chicago Review Press 2008), Rita has focused on editing professionally as she is BlogHer's Senior Editor,  directing assignments and syndication. Rita is a wordsmith who multitasks better than most. In addition to her position and her books, she also maintains a web site, Surrender, Dorothy. Her web site's title alludes to her living in the State of Kansas, of The Wizard of Oz fame, with her family at their home in Kansas City.  Writing The Obvious Game adds "novelist" to Rita's extensive list of accomplishments and, being forward thinking, she is already working on her second novel.

Sleep Is for the Weak

A cover any parent can understand.

Thinking of Rita's latest book, memories of my own teenage years are fraught with remembered uncertainties and misgivings. When I read comments about The Obvious Game, I feel teenage worries coming back, like they were yesterday.  I immediately can relate to the "...hunger, pain and uncertainty of adolescence" as Ann Napolitano says in her comment below.  When I was growing up with these adolescent thoughts, the closest thing we had to young adult novels were Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

Rather than trying to relate to those literary figures solving crimes and driving around in "roadsters," it would have helped reading about kids my age, addressing and working through real life problems. Now, how helpful to have a literary genre specifically devoted to young adults. Even more so, how nice to have accomplished authors focusing their efforts on such youth oriented self-healing. Looking back, I believe the most important thing for a teenager with problems is to feel connected, not isolated and alone. By reading The Obvious Game, more young adults will be able to reach outside of themselves for answers. What a great self-help opportunity in a great read. My inner teenager says, "Thank you, Rita Arens!"



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