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This blog is about living, evolving, indulging and doing what we can every day to get the most out of life.

Food and wine are featured heavily because I love them.  I do not subscribe to the “food is fuel’ school of thought.  I believe in the smell of homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies, the delight a tiny taste of triple crème brie can tempt forth, and the sensuality of a creamy chocolate mousse.  Whoever said “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” never tasted fresh chevre topped with black cherry confit.  Food provides nourishment, comfort, creativity, and a fail proof way to connect with others.  It’s time to stop obsessing and start enjoying.

Another way to really experience life?  Travel.  Whether it’s in your hometown or immersed in another culture half a world away, nothing will breathe new energy into your life faster than a get away.

Most of all though, this is about finding ways to steal little moments out of even the busiest day to enjoy and experience life.  Let’s get to it and “Live, Live, Live!”