Occupy Mother's Day!

Grandparents' Day is September 7 this year. I had to Google it because I knew there was one, I just didn't know when. I propose that we fully embrace and celebrate grandparents on this day because I don't think mothers who are still wiping their kids' butts should have to share their one special day with their mothers or their mothers-in-law.
My Mother's Day Haul
My Mother's Day Haul
We already share our beds, our meals, especially the treats we can't eat while hiding somewhere, our bathroom time, heck, all of our time, with our kids. We should get one full day that really is all about us.
I usually celebrate my mother on Mother's Day and then on the following Sunday, have my husband and children make me breakfast in bed and let me read in bed for a few hours. This year I shared Mother's Day with my mom because my kids' birthday party is next Sunday.
My Mother's Day this year was fine, even fun part of the time. I volunteer the second Sunday of every month at my church, watching the 3-6 year olds, so I had to be there by 9 am. We had a picnic lunch and a short hike at a local winery. The weather was beautiful.
Then I started seeing photos of friends on Facebook who were having Mother's Day weekend celebrations. Whole weekends celebrating while I had to share half a day with my mom?
I am grateful for my mother. She brings the kids cool shoes and clothes. She shows them cute videos from Facebook on her iPad. She treats us for lunch sometimes.
I know I'm lucky to still have my mother in my life. I have quite a few friends whose mothers have already passed away. Others still whose mothers live far away or who just can't be bothered to spend time with their daughters and grandchildren. Still, wouldn't it be better if we each got a special day?
We got a card for my mom, but my kids didn't make anything at school for her like they made for me. Frankly, I'd have more time in early September than I do in early May. We just had Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week for both my kids' schools, and I got a little burned out buying and getting the kids to make gifts during the week before Mother's Day.
I've added a To Do item on my phone to work with my kids' schools this August to make crafts for Grandparents' Day, and I'm going to share this post with the principal and director of my kids' schools.
Grandparents' Day is relatively new, it was officially declared by Congress in 1978. I think it's about time it got its due.
Next year, I'm going to switch my volunteer day at church so I don't have to volunteer on Mother's Day. I'm also probably going to plan a weekend getaway with my husband and kids. Maybe we'll go backpacking where there's no cellular service.
I'm going to make sure my kids and I celebrate my mom this September 7, so this year she'll get two celebrations, and hopefully won't mind moving her special day a few months later than before.
Do you share Mother's Day with your mother or mother-in-law? How's that workin' for ya?


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