October 20 The Day Of Vogue

Those born on October 20 are very conscious of what is in and what is out at any given time. Often their influence is so great that they can even define certain social trends themselves, but just as often may find themselves at odds with the prevailing social standard or fashion. Their drive to be not only accepted but also influential in their social milieu is very strong. Therefore, in this arena rejection hit them hard, and setbacks, difficulties or delays can dampen their spirit.

                October 20 people often lead a kind of double life where their career is a money-maker and their “hobby” is where they invest their creative energy. It is not at all uncommon for October 20 people to look very coldly on their principal profession, since romantically their heart takes them elsewhere. Perhaps this, in itself, is one of the main reasons for their success: objectivity and distance seem to work to their advantage.

                October 20 people generally do well in the material world. They have a good feeling for money and finance, so much so that they can become obsessed with it. They are also extremely competent managers. Paradoxically, those born on this day are vulnerable to physical maladies. Thus, for many October 20 people poor health undermines their material plans by making it difficult for them to function. It seems that the weight of tangible concerns can be a recurring theme in their lives.

                October 20 people are very hard-headed. Once they make up their minds about something it is hard to stop them from following through. Learning to admit mistakes is an extremely important step in their personal evolution. Fortunately, October 20 rational capacity is highly developed (accompanied by emotional control), and thus they can be appealed to through reason. If one can show an October 20 person a better way to do something, really demonstrate it, then he/she will eventually adopt it (though probably not right away).

                Personal acceptance counts a log to October 20 people. Matters of fashion, style, and design are not superficial or trite in their eyes but an expression of individuality. Whether their profession involves these areas directly or not, those born on this day are highly aware of the impression they make on others. Indeed, October 20 people leave an indelible mark on their family, business associates and social circle.



Ground yourself. Stay in touch with basic concerns and don't compromise your health. Define and clarify your role relative to your enviroment. Getting carried away can lose your friends.



Learning to quiet the mind is the frist step to enlightenment


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