October 21 The Day Of Singularity

There is no doubt that October 21 people are distinctly different from those around them, both in their personality and their views. Although they can be charming and appealing in social or professional situations, they are often a more challenging, even difficult breed where their personal affairs are concerned. Indeed, their relationships are highly complex, and made no easier by their critical and sometimes contentious natures. Though October 21 people value harmony and tranquility greatly, and will often insist on pleasing surroundings, small things can bother them and the failings of loved ones can really get under their skin.

                October 21 people are first and foremost mental in their orientation. Yet, they have a strong emotional drive which can land them in trouble. It could be said that there is a kind of uncharted expanse between their strong reasoning faculties and their frequently turbulent love life.

                Freeing themselves from the negative values of their parents, society or social circle can be a preoccupation for October 21 people. After spending a lifetime refusing what they do not believe, they may reach a kind of Buddhist detachment. In their personal lives, however, it is far more difficult for them to break attachments, even when a relationship in not working-they may spend years weighing the merits and drawbacks of their love life.

         Discourse and speech are usually the fortes of October 21 people. They love to talk and are good at it. In their professional lives they are capable of touching many and leaving a lasting imprint on still more. Interestingly enough, those born on this day often think so little of the magic they are working that they can be shocked when others, even years later, remember something wonderful they did. October 21 people enjoy laughter and having fun, but are basically serious, and in some case even tragic, people. Their great capacity to entertain and to act on the stage of life’s theater make them sought after for any social group.

                As parents October 21 people usually have very clear ideas about proper behavior, not implying by any means that they are conservative in their viewpoints, but that they do have a feeling for tradition. In their family life, October 21 people often appear so strong and even dominant that others will not give them the emotional support they need until they get highly upset or break down. Those born on this day must learn to ask for and accept help from their mate or children before that point.

                October 21 people have highly aware orientation that is impressive and commands respect. They can suffer the downside, however, though being overly conscious beings who find it difficult or impossible to fully relax. It is not easy for them to quiet their active mind or clear their inner screen. Although those born on this day may be drawn to all types of attractive, volatile personalities, their great need is for stability, both in their domestic life and career.




Quiet your soul. Back off sometimes rather than jumping in, thus leaving others in peace. Be less critical, if possible. Learn acceptance and remember the power of love. Share your talents with the world.



Death can be viewed as a chance to recycle



Inspirational; Attracitve; Verbal



Self-Destructive; Addictive; Argumentative

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