October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It's hard to say why this happens, windows smashed, blinds and window coverings torn down. We all know it does happen, our friends, relatives, colleagues, clients endure it. It usually takes 7 times before a woman can leave and stay gone. The most dangerous time for her is around the time of leaving. They usually blame themselves. Sometimes they are asked, "why do you make me do this to you?" And some believe it is their fault, and if they are only good enough, it will not happen again.

October is domesic violence awareness month.  Why ever it happens, what ever the cause, it has to stop. It can not to be tolerated.

Tinker Bell still flies on the window. How terrified was she when the window was attacked? Read her story in my blog, (link below).Domestic Violence is an offense against our humanity. No one should tolerate it, not the perpetrator, or the victim or the bystander.

Door frame torn out, the door broken and split, the knobs removed so privacy was not an option. This is what we found in the apartment once inhabited by the bride, the prince and Tinker Bell. The window and the walls tell their story.



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