The odd couple.... dogs felix and oscar

Felix and Oscar made a classic tv show due to their two very different styles.  

If you know dogs, then you know that there is literally no two dog personalities alike.  The range in dog characters and personalities probably runs the same gamut as those of people.   It is one thing that makes dogs highly entertaining and interesting to us humans.



Ok, so meet Rumple and Cowboy, kennel mates at a local shelter.  Don't let the chain link depress you, these guys are doing quite well and will get homes soon enough.  In the meantime they are sharing living space.  

Rumple is an escape artist with bad teeth, smelly breath and an under-bite that would make even a mother cringe; he is not the classic good looking dog.  But, Rumple is a character that snorts when being petted, likes to be on laps and generally is low keyed, laid back and looking for peace.  He find entertainment in trying to dig out or climb out of kennels, but what does he do when he escapes?  He hangs out by the same kennel and teases Cowboy.

Cowboy is a cool dude, he is social with other dogs, loves to play and have a good time and generally does not get why Rumple just stares at him while he tries to get Rumple to play.   Cowboy will give Rumple his best play stance (dog lovers know that this is the bow down and start at the other dog in anticipation of a chase) and Rumple just plays dumb and gives Cowboy the "You can't be serious" look.

Ok, so what happens the other day?  Rumple digs out of the kennel... and did you notice there is a slight size difference in the two?  Cowboy tries to follow Rumple through the hole (being a clean and cool dude, Cowboy does not dig)... and just like Pooh, Cowboy gets stuck.  Rumple just looks at him like what the heck is wrong with you while Cowboy continues to push and pull.... luckily a shelter staff member and several others watched this and quickly freed Cowboy, but in the meantime it was highly entertaining and another day at a great high save shelter.....


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