An Ode to Lynn

Are friendships qualified as "May/December" just as romantic relationships are? I'm not sure, and have wondered. You see, one of my dearest friends just turned 70 her last birthday and seeing as how I am 31, we make a rather unlikely pair.

Before meeting we had both become rather lonely. Though our congregation, at that time, loved The Preacher (and me), there was just no one there I connected with very deeply. Lynn's children are grown and busy with their own lives and as she does not have a husband to keep her busy, she found herself at a time without much to be a part of.

-Now, let me just add here that neither one of us are quite the loaners I have just created us to be. I happen to think we are both quite pleasant and enjoyable company; maybe that was the problem - lots of superficial "friends" few solid, "cry on my shoulder" kind of kindred spirits.

So, at the right time and in the right place, God orchestrated our lives just perfectly enough we could find one another and enjoy this blessing of friendship He so generously created. She imparts to me her great wisdom and I offer her perspective (and on some days it's the other way around). We have laughed and cried and life has been richer because we've been together.

Why wax poetic today in her honor? Today, Lynn is having her very first computer connected to the internet and in honor of this rather extraordinary and exciting occasion, I decided to post for her. . .

Here's to Lynn - May your world continue to expand and God continue to graciously bless your life as you step out on faith and take a wild walk into the unknown. I am proud of your bravery and thankful that your friendship blinds you, ever so slightly, to all my rather pronounced imperfections.

Because I don't know any other way to be,


Psalm 147:11


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