Ode To My Shoes

Oh Shoes,

You are many,

An almost endless parade of twins.

You take me places,

encasing my feet

in rainbows and crocodiles.

You are flat, you are tall,

you are sometimes too small.

Oh Shoes,

you tempt me with the shine of a buckle here,

an outright sparkle there,

and some of you dazzle me with ribbons and bows.

You , my dear shoes, are not always kind,

you make me teeter,

then totter,

and even topple , given the right circumstances.

You torture me with sky high pins,

and points that pinch.

But I still love you,

my wonderful companions on my walk thru life.

I amy experiment with freedom now and then,

When I dare to go bare, but I always run back to you.

My dear Shoes.

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