Ode to Seattle's Best Burger Joint

Although I now currently reside in the Seattle area, I will be moving back to the East Coast in August as that is where both my husband and I are orginally from and we miss family...especially now that we have a child.  Before we leave this quirky city, we wanted to visit a few iconic places that define Seattle life.  I am in no way talking about the Space Needle of the Pike Place Market.  Been there, done that.  Total tourist smut. Although I should like to visit Pike's Market before we go when it is NOT tourist season (and there won't be crowds of people standing in the streets taking pictures of the boys throwing the fish), I was thinking that we could visit the places that are more iconic to Seattle natives rather than tourists.

I've made no bones in the past about my deep and undying love of burgers.  I could eat burgers 5 times a week and never grow tired of them.  Seriously.  Come to this area of the Pacific Northwest, ask a native where the best place to get a burger is and you're going to hear one (possibly hilarious if mistaken) word:  Dick's.

This place has been around since 1954 and they haven't changed a single thing.  Their menu is tiny with only four different burgers, fresh cut fries, milkshakes, beverages, and a small dessert menu consisting of simple ice cream goodies.  This place is also a drive-up.  That means you drive up to the restaurant, drag your burger-craving butt out of your car, get in line, order your food, and eat it in your car.  It's old-timey and awesome.  

The store front is all windows so you can see the workers preparing your food.  Service is super-duper fast.  The fresh cut fries differ from the usual crispy fry you may be used to getting.  These fries are soft, brown, and deeply delicious.  

The burgers are simple.  You are not allowed to customize your order.  It's beautiful.  It's a lovely experience to sit in your car watching people of all ages lining up to the windows and then trotting happily back to their cars, arms full of paper sacks full of greasy love.  Nothing here tastes mass produced.  When I was a little girl, my mom used to make hamburgers and french fries like that and this place is a LOT like what my mom used to make in an old cast-iron skillet.  Again, it's beautiful.  

Oh yeah, it's also really cheap.  That's the cherry on the cake.  Now I can go back East and brag to people about Dick's kickass burgers.  I'm glad we found that little treasure.

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