Ode to Women

I’ve long contended Southern California is one of the most beautiful places on earth. While the rest of the United States is either buried in snow or dealing with the misery of old man winter, California residents are loving life. As I write this, it’s March 2012 and the temperature outside is a balmy seventy-five degrees and I’m gazing out my window at waving palm fronds framed by a cloudless sky. It’s days like these where I feel truly lucky to be alive. So when I’m feeling like this, literally on Cloud Nine, I can’t help but think of all the wonderful things that make my life worth living. Amazing friends, a loving family, and a healthy body are all cornerstones of a good life. But what really makes my good life great, are Women.

Regular readers of this site know that I have a full-blown, raging, over-the top, all-consuming fascination with the better half of the human race. And I’m sure as hell not talking about men. Everything about a woman affects me to the deepest levels of my soul. The sight, sound and scent of a woman attacks each of my senses with a searing intensity each and every day. To me, there’s no question why God created Adam before he created Eve…..even exalted deities do better work the second time around. I thank my lucky stars every day to have been blessed with the chance to turn my passion, respect, and admiration for women into my life’s work.

Just reading my stuff and you’ll know this isn’t about the average man’s love, fascination, and attraction to the female gender. If my perspectives on women were like those of the average man, this website and my upcoming book wouldn’t exist. It must be in my DNA, because even as a young child most of my memories revolve around things uniquely feminine.

At the age of four, I remember sitting in the closet of my mother’s bedroom fascinated with the texture and the softness of her white nightgown. In kindergarten, I remember my heart leaping into my throat when a cute little blonde girl named Lorraine touched her head against mine and asked me how I got to school that morning. Several years later in fifth grade, a girl named Eileen was asked by the teacher to stand up and sing the class a song. Even sitting here thirty years later, I can still remember how that event affected me. Eileen was wearing a red velvet dress with black tights and little patent leather Mary Janes. I remember my ten year-old brain going into meltdown as I watched her walk to the front of the class. Although I couldn’t tell you what song she sang if my life depended on it, I remember looking at her and feeling like I’d just gotten smacked in the chest with a truckload of bricks. I was absolutely mesmerized. During that thirty second tour-de-force, I experienced a level of excitement that couldn’t have been topped if my parents suddenly announced they were taking me to Disneyland that Christmas.

Yet how was I to know my life would drastically change forever just a few short weeks after Eileen sang her little tune? This was to be a seismic shift of epic proportions in my young life. Prior to that moment, I had lived my days in drab shades of gray. But when I saw her for the first time, my colorless world exploded into a sharp relief of high-definition Technicolor.

It was the morning of Miss Benedict’s 5th grade Sunday school class and I remember it vividly as if it were yesterday. My friend Toby pulled me aside and said he had something to show me. We stepped into the bathroom and I remember watching his hands in anticipation as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a single folded page of a glossy magazine. I wasn’t sure what to expect as he unfolded each piece. Maybe it was a really cool picture of Darth Vader on the Death Star. Or an awesome snap of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. But absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. I waited with baited breath as Toby unfolded the final piece. There on the page before me, creased with fold marks, was a photograph of the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in life.

A naked woman.

She was absolutely breathtaking. In every way. My heart rate literally doubled on the spot as a gallon of adrenaline surged through my veins. I took a deep breath to steady myself as a euphoric rush warmed the skin all over my body. She was lying on her back across the bed; her flawless bronze skin in sharp contrast to the white cotton sheets. Locks of brunette hair framed an angelic face as she gazed at me with a seductive smile. I didn’t know what I had discovered, but her beauty was forever burned in my brain and I knew I would never be the same.

Like the ten-year-old Austin, the problem for the average guy is that female beauty does funny things to the male brain. For example, if you ask a hundred different guys to describe their idea of the perfect woman, ninety percent of them will launch into some moronically simplistic diatribe about boobs and butts. That’s a darn shame since focusing solely on a woman’s looks causes them to overlook her other equally magnificent qualities.

Thankfully, the older Austin no longer has that problem.

As I’ve matured, I’ve come to realize this visual aspect is only a small part of a woman’s overall appeal. To me, what really makes a woman so enchanting is the beauty of her aura. A woman’s aura is the mystical yet intoxicating spiritual energy she projects everywhere she goes. It’s the melodious click of her high heels as she saunters across the wood floor. Or the perfume-scented pulse of air that literally stops me in my tracks as she breezes by on the sidewalk. The warm whisper of her voice or the cool flash of her smile. Even her sparkle from across the room can send my heart racing into the stratosphere.

In my life, I’ve had the great privilege to love, ravish and adore women of every size, shape and color. And in spite of what our vain and youth-obsessed culture would have me believe, it is the gift of a lifetime.

Ladies, whether you realize it or not, each one of you has a unique aura. And with each subtle gesture you send out into the universe, you capture another piece of a man’s heart.

Thank you.

Austin Blood

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