By Lady Sharp


I saw him at work for the first time Wednesday. He walked past my desk with a swagger in his strut. My heart stopped. Medium height, hair cut short with a mustache that dripped of grey and black. He looked to be in his early 40s, well dressed in his khakis and a navy blue polo shirt. The moment he walked pass me, I could smell his cologne. I was hypnotized and for a moment time stood still. I watched him walk into the manager office and take a seat by the door, where I could only see his pant legs. He had crossed his legs and was swinging one of them back and forth in a moderate pace. Suddenly the door closed and my eye slowly drifted back to my computer.

After about two hours, the door opened and he walked out. Looking in my direction, his face formed a smile and a nod of approval at least that was what I wanted the nod to be. I glanced around and noticed that all the women in the office were checking him out. Necks were stretch up over the cube walls. It looked like a goose convention. I thought it was funny until I noticed that Jackie had her neck stretched up too. She is known as the number one ho in the company, out beating all of us women in getting in bed with the men co-workers. She is also known to have bedded a woman or two.

It had been two weeks and Ron, which was his name, had become a busy beaver. He stayed in his office, that was location across the room, ninety percent of the time. He arrived at 8:00am and left at 6:15 every night, taking time for lunch, which he took in his office with the door closed. Once I realized his schedule, I quickly put in for a schedule change to make sure I had plenty opportunity to cross his path during the day.

Another week went by and I had just come back to work, after attending a job management, training workshop. I spend a lot of time daydreaming about Ron and wondering if he had even missed my present. Before I left, we did speak in passing, but no conversations were shared between us.

I sat at my desk going over my reports and was startled by a man’s voice. "Hey, Ms. Baker, would you please come into my office for a moment.” He said in a business like voice. I was so surprise when I turn my head and met eyes with Ron. My heart pounded so fast, I thought it was going to burst. "Ok, sure." I said in a soft tone. I got up from my desk and walked with him toward his office. On the way, he smiled and waved at a few people whom he had develop rapport. “Come on in and take a set.” He said as he stood by the door up lifting his hand in the direction of a chair positioned in front of his desk. He shuffled some papers around, opened a vanilla folder, cleared his throat, and then looked up at me with a smile on his face. “Ok, I guess you’re wondering why I invited you into my office.” He said and waited for my response. “Yes, I am wondering why you called me in here.” I said forcing a nervous smile upon my face. “Well, I am going to be working on a special project and needed some administrative help and your manager recommended you.” He paused, waiting for my response. Nothing came out of my mouth so he continued. “My department will be implementing a new computer system. I will need you, that is if you are interested, to work directly with me. You would need to be my right hand person.” I was speechless, shocked, how could I be so lucky. “Umm Yea, I mean yes, I would love to work with you, and I mean work this project.” I laughed a soft laugh while he glances over to me and locked eye-to-eye contact with me. “Good! Therefore, as of this coming Monday your workstation will be located in the empty cube outside my office. Is that ok with you?” “ Oh, yes. I am so excited about this opportunity.” I was so excited I could not stand myself. I had been waiting for an opportunity to get close to him. I mean real close. I was so thrilled about getting to him before Jackie had a chance to. Jackie and I have been in completion for the new men of the company since I started working at Darley & Moe. I remembered the first day I saw her in the break room. She walked by me and looked at me as if I was her number one enemy. In return, I looked at her wondering. “Who is this hot mess of a woman, with that bad weave on her head?” We have had some words between each other in reference to who was the baldest bitch in the company. Before I can lay eyes on new male employees, Jackie would somehow get to meet them first. After she got a hold of them, they would meet me and lose interest in her, which has cause conflict between us.

I had spent the weekend shopping, searching for items that were businesslike but sexy at the same time. While sitting on my closet floor arranging shoes I wondered why I was so determined to get with this man. I have been in bed with many male co-workers. Most of them were very better looking, had more power and money than Ron seemed to have. Yet, something about him turned me on right away. His mere presence makes me lose my mind and after searching him out on the internet and finding his business credentials to be overwhelming. I caved him more.Monday finally came. I arrived early to be in place for Ron's entrance. "Good morning!" He said as he passed my curb without looking in my direction and turned into his office."Good morning Ron!" I said and turned back to my computer, pretending to be busy.I had arrived an hour early to make sure I stayed a step ahead of him. Updating his calendar was the major task, followed by checking and arranging the project log to be prepared by the time he arrived. I also had wore my grey suit that had a pencil skirt that fix like a glove around my size 14 thick hips and my 4 inch grey suede pumps that accented my legs to the fullest,  I had topped it off with my grey and wine silk print  low cut blouse. The front was open enough to allow a peek of my 36d's to give off a small tease.


Ron peek his head out of his office door. "Excuse me."I spun my office chair in his direction, giving him a full picture of lust. He was about to say something and stopped in mid sentence. Wearing a look of approval on his face, he looked me up and down. "Yes? I answered feeling this arouse feeling coming upon me in knowing that he was impressed with my presence. "Hum, Oh yes, OK, I forgot what I wanted to say. Give me a minute." Ron disappeared from his office entrance and I spun back around feeling extremely pleased. After about fifteen minutes or so, he came out of his office and approached me."I just want to tell you that you look very nice today." He said as he glanced down at my blouse opening and smiled.

"Thank you Ron. You look pretty good yourself." I said as I spun around and crossed my legs with him noticing."I need you to schedule an appointment for me. I need to meet with Jackie Durango sometime tomorrow afternoon after lunch." I was hoping that he did notice how my disposition changed as I spun back around and clicked on the key board. "OK, I’ll set her up to meet with you at 2:00 tomorrow. Will that be ok?" I asked, trying not to show my pissed off look."Yep, that will be great." Ron said and walked back into his office

My whole day was fucked up. I could not stop wondering why he requested to meet with Jackie. She is a nice looking woman, when she has her weave done. She’s lighter than me, with big lustful lips and a perfect nose. Her breasts were about the same size as mine, with a very small waist and nice legs. I would probably rate her eight and myself a nine. I believe that we were the most attractive women in the office and most men thought the same.After dropping, my BMW off for its major tune up, I caught a ride to work with Tony my gay friend, who always was available to do me a favor. Tony worked in human resources and knew everybody's business. I spent the entire ride to work trying to persuade him to share with me any piece of information he had on Ron. The only thing Tony would say is "I know the man is not gay". However, I already knew that.Tuesday afternoon came too soon as I saw Jackie prance across the office toward me. "Hey, is Mr. Chester available for our meeting.” She asked."Yes he is.” I said in my most professional voice and got up from my desk to escort her into his office.Ron met us at the door of his office. He greeted Jackie and asked her to come in and take a seat. I turned in the other direction heading to my desk when I heard Ron say, “You to Ms. Shaw. I turned around in shock."Yes you. You need to be in this meeting. Get your note pad and come on in and join us.” Ron said with a wide smile on his face.I sat next to Jackie in a chair that was located across from Ron's desk. He looked at the both of us and handed us a book of handouts."Ok, let me explain to the both of you why we're having this meeting.” He said and looked in both our direction."I need you and Jackie to develop a plan to train the whole company on the new software we are about to implement. You will be attending a set of three classes that will prepare you with the knowledge you will need to teach our employees how to use the new software."Jackie and I looked at each other in shock and then back at him."Yes ladies that means you two will have to work together as a team. Will that be a problem?” He asked."Oh no!" Jackie spoke up first and I followed her lead. We act as if we were good with each other and this was a great thing for us."Than since everyone is in agreement. Let's discuss our task and how we’re going to pull this thing together."Ron began talking about our responsibilities and his expectations. He went on for about an hour.Jackie and walked out of his office and she requested that I follow her to the conference room for a quick discussion.Jackie led the way, trotting in her 5-inch high heels and her tight across the butt skirt.Once we sit down, Jackie begins to speak. "Ok, let’s just make this work. Therefore, I am sorry about anything and everything I ever said about you that was negative and let us just start over. I want this assignment to be a success and I know you do to. We are both on the management fast track program and we do not want to mess up. Right?

I  never took my eyes off Jackie while she spoke. I was delighted with the possibility of us being able to get along and work together. However, when it comes to Jackie, she is sneaky so I would still have to keep my eyes on her every move."OK, I also like to extend an apology to you for anything I said or did to you in the pass and I am excited about making this project a success also.They shook hands and began sharing their excitement and suggestions about their training project.


Several months had passed and Jackie and I had managed to form a friendship among us. We worked well together and had the opportunity to spend social time together, after work drinks, dinner meeting and even a girlie movie or two. Several people in the office started a pool on how long before we will be at each other throats again. Jackie and I manage to laugh it off and remain focused on our goals.Even though we were now friends, we established our competition for Ron's attention, body, and soul.By now, we assumed he was aware of our attraction toward him, but was keeping it cool not to affect his status. Today was the last day of training. We had completed our project and were now working on loose ends. Ron walked into the conference room, where Jackie and I had set up our office, and announced his invitation to a dinner celebration. He went on to inform of our dinner reservations at Dion's, one of the best restaurants in New York. Jackie and I were really excited and planned to leave early, allowing us time to get cute for our dinner date with Ron.
To be continued..................

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