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Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Business '10 panel: Best Practices Case Study #1: The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

This panel starts at 11:00am and ends at 11:30 am Eastern time on August 5, 2010. Keep refreshing this page as the panel takes place for more liveblogging!


Seeking to build on its historically strong offline marketing for Breast Cancer Awareness, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. first took the campaign to digital and social media in 2008, and extended it even further in 2009 with a new campaign that began by generating a groundswell of support from bloggers. Augmenting its global “World PINK” campaign, the company conceived as its social marketing translation the “World PINK Mosaic,” a participatory, shareable virtual tapestry of faces and stories that speak to a world united to conquer breast cancer. Catapulted by enthusiastic bloggers who were among the first to engage with and share the Mosaic, as well as other social media including Twitter, the campaign quickly traveled the world – accomplishing its key goal of raising all-important awareness. Marisa Thalberg, who leads digital marketing across The Estée Lauder Companies portfolio of brands as VP, Global Digital Marketing, discusses this marriage of social marketing to social causes with Dina Fierro, Executive Director of Fashion and Beauty at social media agency Attention! USA.


NOTE: Please note that the case study visuals are attached as a PDF, and can be downloaded by scrolling down to the "Attachment" section.

Gina makes introductions:

Gina: Social media has given incredible opportunities for brands to tell their stories to the world.

Marisa: Very exciting to be here and at BlogHer in general. I am a blogger too. We are here today to talk about Breast Cancer awareness. It is important to us (Estee) because it's all about women. We have a great sense of personal commitment. Estee Lauder is the biggest contributor to Breast Cancer awareness in the world. Lighting the Empire State building pink, other efforts to build awareness. And of course using social media. World Pink: World without Breast Cancer. We started to think about how to build a social campaign. We decided to start with the BlogHer community. We started with a milestone. Had an event/ BCA Blogger Reception at the Estee corp headquarters in NYC.

Dina: This even was incredibly important because it gave bloggers a chance to engage with our company.

Marisa: We created the world's largest photo mosaic of faces in support of breast cancer awareness. The budget? A lot of hat in hand and we were lucky to have people help us. The mosaic worked online...people who have been touched by breast cancer uploaded their photos through social network platforms.

Responses that we got were very touching. People wanted to participate and spread the world.

We also took to Twitter to spike the conversations. We did our first pink Twitter party.

Dina: It helped us take the message to Twitter to engage and educated. Great response, many tweats.

Marisa: You get philosophical about power of social media. In less than two weeks the message traveled all over the world. Showing map with more than 3/4 of the world's nations showing they received the message for World Pink. Including places (like Pakistan) where women do not have easy access to the Internet.

Gina: How do you move within the organization to tell them that World Pink belonged in social media?

Marisa: This one we had already made enough progress it seemed like something people were open to. We had to start more modestly and prove success. Our goal was raising awareness and there has been tremendous support. Last year we had a corporate meeting with brand leaders across various departments and I was able to present this as a case study. Generated a lot of excitement.

Gina: How do you choose a blogger?

Dina: No real magical formula. Design and quality of content is first thing I look at. Soft and hard metrics...comCast for traffic. # of inbound links, we use Technorati. Looking at relationships as well. Who do we enjoy working with.

Gina: What are best practices for smaller blogs?

Dina: Content has to be relevant and no Mass Blasts. Do research to see what other people are saying about the blog. Email some individually. Include all relevant information about how to get a post live.

Gina: The World Pink bloggers were not compensated.

Dina: These bloggers covered the event editorially.

Audience: How do you contact the bloggers?

Dina: Most bloggers have ways listed on how to contact them, by email. You could also leave a comment.

Marisa: Twitter is an express lane for brands and bloggers. If you approach it appropriately, it can be a good way.

Helen Johnson: Working What happens when you would like to do something viral that is not CAUSE marketing. How do you do that?

Marisa: Don't think of viral as a strategy, it's something that happens. Having a strategy and plan..none of that changes in social. Don't change your business model in social media. Maintain brand equity. If your brand is not "cutesy", don't make your social media "cutesy". Stay true to the brand's voice in social media and you will have success. Look at business metrics, traffic, sales. Rules are not all that different.

Audience: What tool did you use for the map?

Marisa: Brickfish, which helped build the whole World Pink platform.

Audience: What is the percent of growth you're looking for in this year's campaign.

Dina: We looked at past campaigns for awareness lift benchmarks. We will compare to the benchmarks. We also use Pink donations as benchmarks.

Marisa: The mission is always to build awareness

Audience: Is there a way to create a secured website and still be able to measure traffic on an ecommerce website?

Marisa: There are different levels of privacy that you can enact, but still have a robust experience.

Dina: If you want to drive traffic, content has to be outside the registration wall.

Audience: How do you use social media to drive traffic to a website?

Marisa: Hard to answer such a broad question. It's about having relationships. Optimize your sight for search, even paid search. Build your own community to attract social media traction. There is such a sense of connection and peer support.

Gina: Well it's lunchtime and thank you. We'll see you all back here afterwards.
Dina: Use Twitter to drive content.

Jane K. Collins

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