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Introductions of each of the panelists: Jessica McFadden, Susan Niebur, Leticia Barr and Amy Mascott.

Each member describes their blog and why they started it.

Question to Leticia:
How do you give information while doing it in first person.?
I like to do some reporting and give the facts. My reviews take a pretty long time to write. I also feel it’s important to know about the product, providing the good/bad and also informing the consumer as a mom.

Comment: We all know things. We are looking to educate those out there. If you write in first person you’re able to share it with personality instead of from clinical point of view.
You can put things using analogies which will help you understand what we’re talking about. We take our knowledge and put it in terms that people will understand.

We do it in a way to connect with our readers also.
When you run a resource blog it’s really important not to make things up. Exagerrating to make a point there are repercussions. We need to be a reliable source.

If you write in first person with journalistic integrity.
Rewards to Amy are comments that say, “hey, you’ve changed how I parent..” makes me feel really good. I connected with a lot of readers in the home school niche, reading niche, following through with relationships. Making connections has helped me develop a community with “we teach.”

When you’re a provider and blogger respond to those comments and read their blogs too. Make sure that it’s not just a one way street.
Question: If you could talk about how to get readers to your blog in the first place?

Answer: You have to completely come out of the closet. Put your blog on facebook and also on listervs. Be part of a club or real life communities (depending on how you’re sending out information). Email every organization you want to connect with, meet with coffee, etc. Don’t worry, you’re not selling anything you’re just trying to make a connection.

Connect with other bloggers in your area. Google where you live. Start a group if there isn’t one in your area. Support that my friends have given me for has been amazing. Your friends will tell their friends, facebook, etc.

Offer yourself up as an expert. Many nonprofits would LOVE for you to help them out. You can offer to speak at events or be an MC etc.
Depending on what type of topic you’re talking about there’s probably someone that has something very similar to yours. If someone has the niche next to yours and you help them they’ll want to help you. If you can do that for 2 or 3 other blogs that are like yours you can build readership.

For your resource blog, are you using SEO skills for your blog?
Answer: For titles I work on SEO and in the copy I don’t worry about that part of it. I want it to be real and from me. Check out the YAHOO Style Guide.

If you’re thinking of doing a resource blog make sure it’s something you’re passionate about so you can keep it up.

Question: What do you do when you bring in other contributors?
Answer: I tell them that I have to edit it. Sometimes it looks like spam and then I don’t publish. Having a group of writers can be useful if you have everyone does what they want to write about.

Question: How do you keep track of the technology and keeping on top of information which changes all the time?
Answer: Try and do 2 larger ones a week and then do smaller ones later. If you don’t post for a few days it’s fine. The world will not end.

Question: How do you connect with people who are not online?
Answer: If people are a bit online with email or facebook you can alert them there. Small local papers, flyers in the nursery schools, libraries.

Question: I’m interested in how often to post and how long of a post. Shorter pieces more frequently don’t work for me. I try to do one post a week but I find my topic-area needs more time and more content.
Answer: Make it clear that your blog is a weekly newsletter.

Introductions around the room of resource blogs.

Capital Mom
Lindsay L Whitcomb, MA, CIRS
Momma Data
Busy Mommy Media @busymommymedia
Melissa Smallwood,
Kate Kelly
Amy Kraft
Jean Winegardner
Sandra Foyt


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