OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Community Keynote: BlogHer Voices of the Year

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Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer '10 panel: Community Keynote: BlogHer Voices of the Year. This keynote took place Friday, August 6.

Instead of liveblogging, we'll let these voices speak for themselves: Here's the full list of readers and links:


Deborah Goldstein from Peaches and Coconuts read Divorce Is So Gay

Faiqa from Native Born read Welcome to American

Karen Green from The Kids Are Alright read Miami


Liz Henry from BadgerBag read What Is Geek

Liz Rizzo from Everyday Goddess read Phone Karma

Sarah Kimmel from Tech4Mommies read Online Scams, Chains and Hoaxes


Jill Smokler from Scary Mommy showed the process behind her self-designed blog logo

Miguelina from Everyday Treats shared how she redesigned her blog

Stephanie Roberts from Picture of Hope showed and read about the Pictures of Hope project.


Amy Windsor from The Bitchin' Wives Club sang The Popular Blogger

Marinka from Motherhood in NYC read Fantastic News!

Metalia from Metalia performed Twilight: New Moon Rap


Lissa Rankin from Owning Pink read What? We Can't Say Vagina?

Jason Mayo from Outnumbered Online read Valentine's Day Is a Greedy Whore

Susan Niebur from Toddler Planet read In the Name of Awareness

But wait; there's more! Also check out all the finalists' posts here.

BlogHer '10 in words and pictures:


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