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(Pauline/OHMommy, Amy from the Bitchin Wives Club, and Ryan Marshall)
If you believe taking great photos is the end of the line, think again. Any great photographer will tell you that it’s not enough to know basic photography rules – you’ve got to know how to edit those photos to make them really “pop”. Whether you’re using the latest version of Photoshop or a freebie program online, Pauline/OHMommy, Amy from The Bitchin' Wives Club and Ryan Marshall from Pacing the Panic Room will walk you through basic editing using brightening and contrast, color enhancement, adjusting hues and saturation levels, artistic additions, cropping, blurring, watermarking, editing file sizes and more.
Ryan blogs at pacing the panic room, and it became famous for his maternity shoot of his wife!
Pictures will be better if you capture them
Know your camera well enough to where you are not using editing software to make pictures better.
Don’t follow trends, trends fade
Tell a story with your photo, don’t use the same pose or background in every photo. Adobe Bridge gives supports a raw format.
No matter how hard you try shots are never perfect!
Use erase tool to help cleaning up photos, great trick photography.
Go into adjustments in your editing software, and give your pictures just a little bit more(ex. If a building has a orange color from sunlight, add a little more.
Always Have A Safety
Tons of editing options, but don’t overdo it, have self control.
If you pictures on your blog, they are there forever for everyone to see, so don’t ruin photos with bad editing.
Cheating on enhancing photos,
Photoshop is a editing software that works great, but its exspensive. It’s worth it though, because you can do everything with it. Photoshop elements is $99.
Phoyosop actions:
Essentially they are pre-recorded tasks that you can save and reuse.
Sharpened, sharpened with color, colorized, pioneer woman (free Site)
It’s always best to underexpose your image
No need to watermark your photos. Downsize produces poor quality when downloaded. But photos appear perfect on your website.
Explore and enjoy, research, make mistakes, be inspired, find your style, practice often
*File management and online editing ( storing photo files, editing, and getting them to your blog
Photos can eat up a ton of space on hard drive
• Edit severely
• Upload to online storage and then delete off hard drive
• But external
• Sort by year, month , event: Create a system that works for you.
• Don’t be lazy about organization!
Upload each photo individually via blog uploader
• Easy
• Offers full control over how photo is placed within post
• Blogger auto adds photo to a picasa web.
• Albums are time consuming

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