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Function of Profiles online and off:

Why to have them and to focus on if you are using them to position and market yourself- what you want then to be saying… Talk about how to change the way that you want them to work for you

Main purpose of resumé - when I am talking about board positions… And to show everyone my expertise and to get involved.

Do you see linked in and bio as different ways to get people- do they have different functions?

Resumes are used in most regular companies for people to get work.

Miriam coaches people to combine and create their profiles online and to have a profile that helps people draw people to you when you have problems you can resolve- that’s how you can get work!!

In the past, you could only get a job with a resume, but now… you can use a profile to.

Elisa- When you are being searched for- How many of you do a google search of yourself to see how you look to someone if you are job hunting?

If you do not have enough of your expertise and value of the work that you value- you may want to turn the volume up on your profile and consulting self.

How many of you link have a professional and personal online?

All of my blogs link to one another… That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, though.

How many of you have gotten coaching on your resume or profile? Do you at least let someone look at it?

What is your advice to people?

- I read resumes from the bottom up. If you are interesting from the bottom and at the beginning… The end of someone’s resume ends up being some type of filler… “I can use the internet” End of your resume should be just as compelling as the beginning of it.

E- Miriam- I think that one of the most important things that job seekers do- look for your job position and how you think about yourself in terms of blog search. That is what I think about in terms of a professional resume. You want to be standable visually and appeal to computer systems that most employers are using to scan your resume. You want to pack in the words in the job descriptions… You want to target what they are looking for. You want to make a bridge and build it with your writing in your resume.

E- The machine scan for keywords. Humans look for the relevance to the job being applied to in the resume

M- Don’t assume anything! People don’t think much when they see your resume. 10 sec. 8 sec. Even 5 sec. Sometimes.

One of he other thing to think about when a person is scanning your resume and it is visually appealing, people gravitate towards resumes that look like they won’t take a long time to read… Think of it like memos in your office! If it’s too long, you may not read it then and there.

One of the ways to get your resume rise to the top is to have someone want to read

Q: I am somebody who has been out of the workforce for many years… I have been doing social media,etc. I am going to re-enter the work force in 18 months… I have no idea how today’s resume looks like… Visually, how do I package all of that info?

We’re going to discuss linked in, etc.

One of the things that’s good about having a social networking profile - it’s good to have information of your qualifications available- you don’t want it to be your autobiography

Q: How would an employer see you… Should I stay off of twitter after I have a couple drinks? *laughter*

This is a good question that ties to the TMI session… People ask me if I am going to lose business.. If people don’t want to work with me because of politics? That’s fine with me… I don’t blog about family, sex life, relationship with husband,… I am willing to lose a job/business if it’s something political, etc.

M- My blog is called HR Bartender- Every Friday at 5, I send out emails about happy hour on twitter… With drink recipes, and make a big deal about it… I wonder if it’s too much sometimes. And people always ask around holiday time if I am going to put happy hour early.

Q: I think of Linked in As my office profile and facebook as my front porch where I chat with family and friends. Twitter- Corner store as to what everything comes to mind!
Blog- Links everything but is professional… Now, when I go back and when I started twitting, I say, ooh I had one too many mojitos that night… Do you think that it will effect my job?

It could be,but if it’s 6 months after tweeting. They might not find it. But if it is a HIGH government position, etc. It might come back to haunt you… Remember nothing is totally private. People want to hire someone that they know who they are getting. They may want to ask you that in an interview- are we getting a professional blogger, or a personal blogger? Think about what you tweet!

If you want to tweet- think about it sometimes. If people make a judgement about me… Screw it!

Q: In the fall my company was hiring for a sales person… So, I ended up being the person scanning the resume. And I looked her up on facebook. And I said she was drinking a glass of wine… And she was going to have winery clients. Her profile picture with a glass of wine was to her advantage!

Facebook links to everything and check your privacy settings:

Q: How to have a professional and personal balanc.e…. Tips on how to create resumes for a new blogger persona… I don’t blog on my birth certificate name…

I think that the examples on how to position yourself- the theories apply and you still want to think about the same things… There’s a session in the geek lab about online… Pushing back on privacy, hackers, spammers, etc. And how to have control of your online presence.



Elisa- The components of a resume:

An objective: You objective is always going to say that you want to serve a person’s corporate needs.

Miriam- I am torn about objectives- it should be used properly and on the other hand, at the time you meet people face to face. Someone is going to be looking for fit… That’s usually the content of the objective statement.

E- How can you make the objective Interesting?

M- Customize it! Think about customizing the content to the content that you are applying for. Customize it to say, “this is exactly my value propositions to you”

Miriam- you don’t ever use one… An objective too often runs into what the job seeker is looking for- You’re wasting space making an objective! Everything on your resume is valuable. Not taking up space!

E- Now you can see 20 yrs of experience on my resume…

This is how I describe my last corporate job resume style- people list what they are responsible for… Doesn’t say that you achieved it… of you earned it… Not what you were responsible for… List by bullet points- what are the highlights that you achieved?? List them!

Numbers make your resume move to the top of the pile… I saved the company from 30,000 dollars, etc. Makes it move up to the top of the pile…

Elisa- At the bottom, put how long it took to get promoted…

Miriam- In resume writing- Again, thinking about your target… You have to describe things that the target audience would understand… They’ll have a sense of what you are trying to do and they’ll know terminology… If you are focusing on certain experience (i.e payroll experience) you can put it in… And focus on it! In your bullet points, emphasize things…

Elisa- I spelled out a couple of technologies… NO jargon! Primary Author if you are using that…

Miriam- Don’t write “Assit” Be SPECIFIC!!

Q: This is falling off of volunteer work… I have a lot of it! Is ther a point where it looks like I am trying to fill up space??? Is there a point to edit it out to not fill in a gap from your last corporate job… Like overkilll

M- I pick the most volunteer work that will get me the most bag for the buck… Something to highlight as an example that I can actually do the work. The name of the organization is also important in some cases… It can constantly sit on your resume if people know what you did in an organization…

Elisa- can group it… and give examples (ie. Social media consulting)

Mi- Put yourself in their shoes… What will appeal to them… And that’s what I want to highlight

Q: I am going back into social media- it’s not my field, but I have an online Bio site where I feed in all of the things that I am doing from my diff. Blog… I don’t create content on that site.. Do you think it’s okay?

Creating content gives more of an opportunity to control what people find about you…

LinkedIn Tips-
create a headline for yourself- It can target people in her industry… or can give herself a title in the company… or put in keywords….or give yourself a pitch..

LinkedIn is one place to consider where to use your words- pick the word that you want people to use to describe you!!

How many of you know that linked in lets you link to your blog, facebook, twitter, etc.

Q: Linked in Etiquette… Linking with people that you don’t know…

EMM-If they are important people (i.e. Media) it works.. It depends on what you are trying to do, and who follow you! But be sure to check them out… Consider it: can I write a reference for this person??

Linked in- if they click I don;t know this person… If that happens to you five times, linked in will freeze the requesting account. They want people to link with people that they know!! They say it on their site… There are better ways that saying, :I don’t know you” You can connect with them on twitter, Email, facebook, etc… You can check to see what groups people are in… and then you can have a connection…


In a summary- it’s a good way to tell a story… Summary's in the first person or third… Can tell a story and lead a reader to connect with the writer.. In summary and specialties- you want to incorporate those words… that you want people to use to find you! Can be a list of words in your header thing in linked in… Tell a story and connect what you have to offer for people to find you

Q: My corporate job is separate. My profile isn’t 100% complete… I don’t want people to to think that I am looking for a job! I don’t put my resume in- is that bad…?

U may be misunderstanding… If you complete your 100% profile. It won’t ask you for your resume…

Q: Do you recommend putting your linked in icon on your blog… To see what people can see about you… professionally

Mary- I need a resume for the rest of my life… It isn't the thing that only gets you jobs… It isn’t an immediate indicator that someone is job hunting… It is good to have a side hustle going on! So, people that have things going on, on the side- it won’t send a flag to a corporation that you may be job hunting…

Elisa- Everyone has a little something something!

Q: The reason I came to this session… I want to be an entrepreneur- should you write your profile differently?


Q: One of the things that has kept my LI from being complete is getting recommendations- how to I request…

Ask someone you feel comfortable with and you can tell them that you want them to say! If u can’t.. They are not good enough for the recommendation! Target and find someone who can say it well!

If you identify with what the job is looking for- they think “oh, we want this person!”

Can set-up privacy settings- don’t need everyone to see your stuff! Can turn it off and turn it on…

Elisa- How are you positioning yourself if you are trying to get wok? Your blog about page… Can use a blog as a business development tool… Use your profile to tie into your corporate background in a conversational tone!! And it’s searchable!! And everything should be intentional! Even the profile picture. Focus in specific things… You can pull out blog posts the most relevant! Be clear!!!

Many people google everyone they interview, etc…

Q: Resume content: have the rules changed to show how much of a time period to put on it? Is it okay to replace certain things…

About 10 yrs- there are exceptions… Highlight recent experiences or most important. Definitely account for the years!

Elisa- I combined the highlights and put it into one section!

Q: I work with many students who have a lot of retail mom experience- but they look for journalism and online jobs- Do you advise them to include all of their jobs.. What do you advise young people on that?

Identify the underlying skills and highlight skills they use… And describe it in a way relevant for the next employer…

Q: Reciprocity works well on LinkedIn!! Make sure not all are reciprocal!!

Miriam- Can use facebook profile in a professional way! Fill your employer info. In and make it work for you professionally!

E- Can make a social resume!

Q: What I struggle with is: the fact that I have two existences! I don’t want my clients to know that I am not so personal about my life… So, on my business website- I don’t have anything linked to my personal blog… The jewerly business wants a consultant that is VERY professional.. I am struggling to see if I should combine them and see if they work out for one another…

Can keep both separate and see how people react to it!

If your blog becomes successful, there can be a halo effect on your other blog!

Elisa- Keywords: Should use for job descriptions, resume, bio…

Can use and copy-paste your job description into it and the big words are what are key!!

C: Make sure every profile you create has key points- be consistent!

When looking for an opportunity… Build that bridge! Lay it out brick by brick!!

Elisa: If people are asked what they are an expert on- most don’t know… KNOW IT!! Be an expert at something you are at. Be sure of yourself! OWN IT!!

Q: I appreciated all of the great examples.. I am stuck on the visualizing today’s resume-Would you list your blog as if you were a company owner? In term of your marketing ability? And put it in chronological order?

Definitely!! Make sure it’s what the employers want to read!!

Elisa: Be flexible with yourself!

Q: I just wanted to point out and think if certain companies about being a mommy blogger- I just got my last job because of it… If your blog reaches out to a company- don’t toss it!!