OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Women and Sports - We Like to Play. We Like to Watch.

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Megan Hueter, Sarah Braesch, and Kelly Mazzante


Megan Hueter is the founder of Over 200 contributors to it. Females don't have the biggest voice in the sports world when it comes to the media. This site helps give them that voice.

Kelly Mazzante
Blogger for She is professional basketball player WNBA and 2 time champion. In high school she scored 3200 points!

Sarah Braesch
I'm a writer for several blogs. My focus will be on writing.

Back to Megan---
Thank you for coming. We're used to low attendance rates. Asked who were in the different athletes in photos. (All female. Megan starts talking about several female athletes.)

Back to Sarah---
How many of you have children in sports?

Comment from audience: I also think it's important for moms to connect with their sons by being strong in sports.

Discussion of co-ed sports between the panelists. Should have co-ed when young but once you hit puberty there should be separation so that women can have a chance.

Kelly talks: When I was in high school I was in a small town and getting recruited was difficult. I had to do a lot of traveling in the summer. My parents supported me but they never made the decisions for me.

Megan talks: finding women in sports in the media is VERY difficult.

ESPN is covering more sports and more demographics which is helpful to women in sports.

College athlete life

Kelly talks about what it was like to be recruited and what her life was like. "I initially went to Penn State because I felt like that was the best place for me."

"Life as an athlete in college was a learning experience. I was for a small town and no one knew if I could hack it. But going in at division 1 athletic program was starting school with a family. It was crazy but I wouldn't change it for anything."

Megan talks
"Playing sports gives you camaraderie."

Comment from audience--person was a recruiter. There was more money for recruiting men then women.

Megan--"Now those things are really regulated. Those things need to be level and enforced in universities."

Q for Kelly: is your professional team as much of a family as college teams was?
A: yes, it's a nice team.

Q: Is competition good or bad?

A: Megan--its important to understand the value of competition but ours was from sports. There are many other areas to try as well.

Kelly gives overview of her coach experience. The coach, Rene Portland, lost her job because a player accused her of kicking her off because she was gay.

Megan questions audience about lesbianism and women in sports.

Kelly comments on her experience with lesbianism and Rene (the coach). She said she never noticed any issues with it while there.

Kelly's father speaks about Rene's character and says she was an excellent coach and all around good person.

Megan speaks about women being assumed lesbian or if it will ruin their career if they come out. Things are still new and it's hard for women to come out if they are lesbians.

Sarah speaks about professional women sports casters being coated in makeup, crazy outfits, and high heels out on a turf field.

Kelly's twitter is @maz132 and also has a blog hosted at

Q: How do you see AAU coverage help women sports audience? Do you think it's a plus or a minus?

A: Megan: They're probably getting involved because it's more popular?

Q: What can we do ourselves to help women sports in media?

A: Take your kids to games.