Offline writing and templates?

Hi everyone. I have been blogging on my personal blog for about 2 years and have written on and off for a local business for a bit over a year. I have recently become their regular blogger (yay!) and am finding I really need a couple of tools to keep myself efficient and keep up with the schedule. I have been using Evernote to draft blog entries, keep ideas in one place, and keep a back-up of entries in case there is a technical problem. But there are two features missing: 1) links don't copy over (to Blogger where my blog is or to Magento, eithe) so I copy and paste to Word and then copy and paste to the blog, which is silly. 2) no templates! There is a signature/disclaimer inwouldnlike on everything, and I would like a template for giveaways. C&Ping everything is not ideal! I love that I can write anywhere on Evernote - I have an iPod and a dumbphone, so I can't always access the web. Is there an app that would meet my blogging needs? Free or a one-time low fee (not an on-going service fee) is ideal. Thanks!


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