oh boy here we go!

Tomorrow Starts NaBloPoMo!  


I hope I can do it.  I think I’ve taken all the steps necessary to be enrolled, maybe I’ve even enrolled twice.  This is going to be such a big challenge for me because I only have so much free time.  No wait, that’s a lie.  I just usually feel like blogging when we are watching TV in the evening, and that is when dearest hubby wants to talk.  I’m usually so engrossed in what I am thinking about writing that I totally do not understand what he has just said to me.  Then add MenopauseBrain to the equation, I look to answer him and totally forget what I was going to write.  And dang.  It was enlightening too, it would have been a real good read.  If I could remember.  Sigh...


My weeks are kind of crazy.  Monday is really the only day of the week I have to myself, and every other Monday I have to go to the office to figure out payroll and pay bills.  Dearest hubby works only 24 hours a week.  He’s been semi-retired since we met in 1999.  We figured the hours around golf actually, we’d be free Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and all day Friday for weekly golf.  I don’t really like to golf anymore.  I flipped a golf cart a few years ago, and probably that was when my back got broken.  So I have all this mental stuff going on about getting hurt golfing...I’ve also broken my elbow while golfing, and torn my meniscus.  So it is a hazardous hobby for me.  


Anyway, we are heading into “gray season” aka our 6 month winter, so there won’t be much golf interfering with my free time.  Grandsons however, will bogart my time.  I’m already in a predicament because I promised to close the month at work tomorrow, and I also promised to come to daughters house early so she can go get party decorations for their annual Halloween party.    I’ll figure that out, probably going to Nik’s house early tomorrow and then off to the office once it’s naptime for Quinn and Gavin.  So where will I fit blogging time in tomorrow?  I’m not sure.  Maybe I’ll write tomorrow’s blog today (is that fair?) and not post it till tomorrow.  That would work if I could do that on the days I know I’m going to be tugged here and there with not much free time.  


The biggest thing on my mind today is tomorrow’s start of NaBloPoMo!  And I have tons of laundry.  Not that laundry interferes with blogging.  I just have to remember to come back to the computer after I switch loads around.  


I can’t wait to get started!  Will we get daily prompts?  I’m going to move laundry around and come back and read some more on how this actually works.  How will I link my blog post to NaBloPoMo, does it happen automatically?  



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