Oh Drats! The Box of Limitation!

I am beginning to see that it is the appreciation of myself that needs to be developed. It is awareness recognized and owned that leads to greater fulfillment. When you become open to all and embrace the ‘infinity’ of possibilities that exist within you, there is no ‘less’ only ‘more’. I feel that warming with in me as I write these words.

Our purpose or path resides in our souls and it is the mind that creates action. We hear the heart of our soul but yet we let our mind take control and become not the rudder of the ship but allow for it to become the ship itself. We analyze, dissect every possibility that exists and make some ‘thought out’ decisions that takes us far away from our true nature and soul purpose. We separate ourselves from the very thing that drives us. The ongoing result is disharmony, illness, and anxiety. Simply put… We know what we want and what serves us from a place very deep within our soul then we let our minds step in and give us all the reasons why we cannot step through the window. Reasons limited by our own fear of the ‘not’s’ and the ‘what ifs’.

Perhaps, I stay so busy so that I do not hear the ever present, never ending burning desire crying out from the heart of my soul. Perhaps, I let my mind lead me down a path of ‘having’ vs. ‘being’. Perhaps, I know nothing at all. I can’t help but notice every time I make a well thought out decision for my so called ‘greater good’ , I have a short term artificial feeling of ‘this is okay’, ‘I can do this’ as I rattle off all the words of the intellect justifying, rationalizing and explaining my choices. It is as if I state the explanation often enough or loud enough that the entire world will stand up and say "Good job, fellow slave! Welcome to our world! We are the world of the expected and usual. Thank, God, you have found your way into our world and seen the ‘light’ of our darkness with the inhibited and the oppressed. You have finally settled down into the box of limitation!"

It can be confusing… determinations of what is moral or acceptable based on the intricate design of our culture and how deeply we fallen into the darkness of religious and/or political dogma, all claiming to be our salvation and the structure upon which our lives are built. Yet, my heart cries out for the freedom of self and the freedom of expression true to the openness of my very nature. This is my journey… Let my mind be only the rudder of what the heart of my soul desires leading me to experience life and soul fulfillment beyond what my mind can imagine. There, I will bask in the warmth of all that is here and there, I will become complete. Then…another day, another journey will begin.


Susan Banner Todd