Kicking Off Awards Season 2012 with the Golden Globes: Will You Watch?

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Tonight marks the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and as always they promise an evening of interesting battles for the season's first golden statuettes.

Can we just talk about Ryan Gosling? Those SAG snubs were insulting.

If you didn’t see Driveyou really missed out on some A-class acting. Everyone loves Ryan for his shirtless-ness and yummy face, but this level of charisma and dynamic performance was almost eerie at times. The movie itself was super artistic and Eastwood-like, but Gosling showed some serious talent beyond his usual brooding, pouting and boyish smiles. I haven’t seen Ides of March, but I’ve read glowing reviews and if he shows anything like he did in Drive, I can only expect good things.

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Omg, and Crazy Stupid Love. So funny. Hilariously adorable and witty. Gosling’s character brings some serious sex appeal in this movie, and the movie is just better for it. I highly recommend this film- not just for the Dirty Dancing lift he does during his Emma Stone date - but the Kevin Bacon/Steve Carrell/ Gosling fistfight scene alone is worth the price of the ticket.

I would love to see Meryl Streep take home a trophy this year. She has before at the 2010 Golden Globes, though, and then lost out to Sandra Bullock because the Musical/Comedy versus Drama categories allowed for two Best Actresses. Ditto the Critic’s Choice Awards, where the two leading ladies engaged in a kiss while sharing the title. Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actors of all time- I dare anyone to disagree with that- and it’s time she gets more accolades for being as amazing as she is. We take her wonderful performances for granted, and the nominations keep rolling in with no Oscar since 1982 as in, three years before her competition Rooney Mara was born.)

Doesn’t she deserve some recognition for all the great films we’ve enjoyed since then- The Devil Wears Prada, Lions for Lambs, Julie and Julia, Doubt to name a few? Hopefully this 27thnomination will go hand in hand with her iconic Vogue cover, and 2011 will be a crowning year.

Another Titanic Awards show reunion! Kate Winslet has been enjoying some Awards season love lately, but poor Leo has been snubbed time and time again. His slight forThe Departed in 2006 was as big a joke as Eddie Murphy’s nomination for Dreamgirls.He is one of the most recognizable, committed and talented actors of all time- let’s finally give him a little gold trophy, ok?

In addition to her Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy nomination for Carnage, Kate has been recognized for Mildred Pierce at the Emmys, and finally got her Oscar for The Reader- and she needs to start sharing the love- after all, he did save her.

All hail Peter Dinklage! If you’ve been watching Elf this holiday season, you are being treated to just a tiny morsel of the major talent that is Tyrion Lannister’s alter ego. If he doesn’t win for Best Supporting Actor for Game of Thrones, even Stark fans will shed a tear.

The Globes are probably my favorite Awards show-, because we get to enjoy the fashion of movie stars and TV stars alike, and nearly every category is brimming with our favorite stars.

Here’s a link to the complete list of nominees, for quick reference in your party pool.

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