Oh That Girl At The Gym

You know the know the one I'm talking about. You are at the gym, minding your own business and she walks in with some skin-tight, super thin pants, a bright colored sports bra, and a sleeveless shirt tied up 'just so'. She doesn't walk across the free weights area, she sort of glides. I didn't realize you could reach for weights in a sensual way, but apparently you can, because I saw it happen today.

And then she got on the machine - the leg press machine. I can assure you when I do the leg press that I don't look like some soft porno flick. And any sounds that may escape me, I can assure you aren't in a sexual way. And if any sounds do escape, I'm usually praying that no one heard them if you know what I mean. But this girl gets on the leg press machine, it's like the entire gym turned to watch her. And in her slowest most sensual movements ever, she does like 3 reps on the leg press with slight moans escaping with each 'press' so to speak'. Long enough for the guys around her to pause and stare at her in the mirror. 

 And I could see the guys trying not to openly stare, but it's like a moth being drawn to an open flame you know. And then, after sashaying to put the weights back, she gets on the ab machine where you slide back and forth. I think a few people tripped on the treadmill.

And then I laughed (ok, not a huge audible draw attention laugh), but I couldn't help it because it looked so ridiculous. After a few 'reps' on the abs machine, she gets off and arches her back, boobs stuck in the air, I'm assuming to 'stretch'.

And it got me to thinking.... I am a very happily married women. I don't look at the meaty guys grunting around me at the gym. In fact, I probably notice the toned-armed and flat-stomached girls more and think I sure wish I looked like that. And even in my single days, I didn't go to the gym to 'find a mate'. I suppose it can happen. And I guess it isn't the worse place in the world to meet someone. But when I go to the gym, I go for one reason.... to get my workout in. I would never think of going into a gym to try to 'strut' my stuff. Actually, in most cases, my clothing doesn't even match at the gym. See, I'm the girl in the oversize t-shirt trying to hide any fat rolls.

I imagine this girl was proud of her body, and she had every right to be. And I don't judge her for sashaying across the gym floor while making what looked like sexual advances to gym equipment, but that's just not me. And that's not why I'm there.

I assure you, I will never look at the leg press machine the same again.