Oh, Goody

I knew it couldn’t be a good thing when my family Doctor left his cell phone number on mine and told me to call him anytime that evening. Hmmm…a mysterious painful numbing sensation ultimately resulting in a rash on my fingers and toes had suddenly invaded my personal space the other day. It followed a virus I had caught from my one-year old twins (who are in daycare and catch everything right now!) This virus had me calling for my momma to help with the twins however. I had muscle aches and cramping and my energy level was slothlike. I could not do anything for the babies. I called the Doc back and his voice faltered a bit as he explained that my test results came back positive for an auto-immune disease. My mind went blank and I felt less than knowledgeable on the subject of auto-immune diseases. “So what exactly does that mean again?” Apparently, it meant I had to go see a specialist to diagnose exactly which of the 80 autoimmune diseases I have. All night I stressed about the possibility I might have something like Scleraderma, which I was briefly misdiagnosed with when I was thirteen. They had sent me special needs literature for years after that even though the only thing special about me at the time was I had super high hairsprayed bangs. You know the look. So I did my best all night not to let my imagination run away with my life-I knew I was not going to lose all functioning ability or fall over dead that very day so I better just wait for the diagnosis. That didn’t stop my sister, mother, father, husband, or me from attempting to self-diagnose. Oh, no. “Well, maybe you have this…it says here…” Needless to say, I was more than ready to hear what the professionals had to say the next day. However, when I walked through the Doctor’s office door, I felt just a tiny bit out of place. I was the only person without white hair. I also do not feebly clutch a cane or use a wheelchair for that matter. I am 35 for heaven’s sake! Why I am here with all the elderlies (God Bless them). theoptimisticparrott.blogspot.com

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