Oh the grey days...

 What a month.  I feel bad for not posting or even logging in in a dog's age.  But no more guilt.  Instead, I'll tell you what's been shaking, and what's on the work table.  And today will be a bloggy day!


I've gone a bit dotty lately...you'll have to bear with me...


-Eldercare is a hot topic right now at Casa Liz.  There's rumblings on that front, and I may have to start re-navigating the caregiving seas.  (See Ghost Story for details) A call turned into a visit turned into a scene.  The worry is a footnote on every hour, but I'm trying to remain optimistic.

-Moving plans are chugging along.  Hopefully by mid January, Husband and I will be set up at the "new" place.  It's a strange combination of action and "hurry up and wait", as all moves are, but I think we'll be landing on our feet this time,

-On a really nice note, there has been some crafting!  I've finally got my round tooit out and made a kindle case. 

-I have discovered some fun vendors, Pracita and Daniel, who run Tea and Absinthe who sell the loveliest teas and trinkets I've seen in a while.  Well, almost as lovely as *my* trinkets ;)


So, time for another round of coffee and some research for another article!



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