Oh, the Horror!

Eczema is my enemy.  I've been doing battle with it for a few years now.

I had eczema on my forearms as a child, a condition that came from the type of dish soap my mom purchased (Palmolive), so the dermatologist told her that she either had to (a) give up child labor or (b) buy another type of dishwashing liquid.

She chose Ivory. 

I didn't have it again for a long time, then after 9/11 I started getting it again, on my legs and (worst of all) my face - particularly around my eyes.

I've been seeing a dermatologist pretty regularly (read: when the steroid creams run out), but the strongest thing I'm willing to use on my face is no longer working.  She says the next step would be oral medications, but since I'm trying to get pregnant this would be dangerous to the baby.

I cannot stand my skin.  I hate that I'm going to have to constantly be slathering myself in creams and potions and such just to keep it in check.  Why can't I just have normal skin?

So here's what I'm going to be doing starting today:

1.  Dermarest® Eczema Medicated Lotion.  I got this at the drugstore during my morning break, took off all my makeup and slathered it on, then put my makeup back on.  So far so good.  I've done much less clawing of my face since then.

2.  Cetaphil.  I used to hate this stuff as a kid when it was recommended for my acne because it just felt weird.  I'm willing to try anything at this point to keep my face from becoming lizardy.

3.  Coconut oil.  I read about this stuff on a website and popped over to the health food store at lunch to buy some.  I'll be putting it on after work, since the jar says to put it on for an hour and rinse off.

4.  Flaxseed oil capsules.  This is my alternative to fish oil and the fishy burps.  I started taking it as soon as this outbreak started, but it hasn't helped too much this time.

I already use unscented products for washing my clothes and my body and shower in cool water.  I'm also trying to get in some probiotics every day.

If anyone out there has any other suggestions, I'm willing to try them.  Just remember, this is on my FACE, so it needs to be gentle.

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