Oh, the Horror!

Recently, I was listening to the “Bob and Tom Show” on the radio and John Mellencamp was talking about his recent collaboration with Stephen King and T. Bone Burnett, a dark musical called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (http://ghostbrothersofdarklandcounty.com/). Being a fan of both horror and musical theater (wrap your brain around that one), I found the prospect incredibly exciting. It will be traveling throughout the Southeast US this fall.

This got me thinking about my love of all things horror, zombie-related, and Stephen King. I was blessed, at an early age, to have two parents that were (and still are) Stephen King fans. I read Skeleton Crew while still in elementary school and my father took me to see the film Pet Semetary when I was about 12. I had already read the book and absolutely BEGGED him to see it so he relented. Just so you can get a good idea of exactly how much I love Stephen King, you should know that we share the same birthday (soul mates, right?) and I believe that he resembles my own father a bit. They have both dabbled with beards at different times in their lives (coincidence? I think NOT!). I have read his book On Writing, a must for anyone who loves to write or even just likes to read Stephen King, and about 10 years ago, my husband was even wonderful enough to reserve Mr. King’s favorite room for us to stay in at Mohonk Mountain House, a picturesque Victorian Castle in the Hudson Valley, New York. It was room #666 and a simple room at that. Being able to sit at the same desk that inspired the master was breathtaking.

 Zombies have become incredibly popular over the last few years. I first watched George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead when I was 11 or 12. It was Halloween night and the movie terrified me. The zombies were dull and slow moving yet merciless in their quest for brains. I was hooked and it is with some pride that I watch the show The Walking Dead with my oldest son and budding horror fan. He is also a fan of the graphic novels.

Normally, I am somewhat shy and not a risk-taker so I am not sure what draws me to horror. The unusual and unknown fascinate me and have for as long as I remember. The other day, my son posed the following question: If you had to choose between being a vampire, werewolf, or shape shifter, which would you choose? I would choose the immortality and sophistication of being a vampire, although it does have its drawbacks, as my son pointed out, like not having a soul and exposure to the sun renders you a flaming, charred mess. Werewolves are too unpredictable and most likely smelly. Shape shifters? Well, that could have its benefits but shifting looks so uncomfortable. Which would you choose? I know it’s only July but who’s ready for Halloween? I know that I am!

69007_445748784233_559794233_5377560_6444226_n My little ghouls in 2011


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