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I don’t know why I bother going to the doctor. When I experience a symptom that seems abnormal I  do some research, ask around, and then I make the appointment with my doctor. Even with Google telling me I will die immediately if I avoid seeing a doctor; I usually find something that is a little less dramatic and fix the problem (if I am able too).

I admit that with this being my first pregnancy I can be deemed a little more paranoid than usual. I still go through the steps of talking about it, I would rather avoid a doctor’s visit, but I don’t want to chance that Google might be right either.


Last night I experienced and am still experiencing EXTREMELY itchy feet and hands (makes it hard to write when I have to stop and itch). I Google’d, I asked, and came to the conclusion that it was normal pregnancy fun times. I made a cold compress, moved to another room so I didn’t wake PB up with my out cry’s of frustration. Needless to say I did not get any sleep what so ever. Throughout the night I noticed that my itchy hands and feet must have felt lonely because the rest of my body made it’s way to the itchy darkside.

I made it till 1PM before I broke down and had a look for what the **** this could be. This wasn’t the product of swelling, or a growing belly EVERYTHING was itchy…everything. I didn’t have a rash, I wasn’t swollen, my skin was completely clear.  So I took to the Google. From BabyCenter.com:

Can intense itching without a rash be a sign of a problem?

Severe itchiness in the second or, more commonly, the third trimester can be a sign of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), a liver problem that affects up to 1 percent of pregnant women in the United States. (For Canada less than 1%)

ICP increases the risk of stillbirth, so you’ll have periodic ultrasounds and fetal heart monitoring to check on your baby. You’ll also continue to get blood tests to check your liver function. You’ll likely be treated with a medication that may help with liver function and reduce the itching and other symptoms you might have. The medication may possibly lower your baby’s risk as well.

I most likely do not have ICP, I have no lineage to South America, and my mother didn’t have it. My baby is as active as ever. I feel super duper except for the itching. I did however, have some sort of attack before concerning my Gall bladder and/or liver so there could be a connection of sorts to the attack and the symptoms I am now experiencing. so I thought better to get some tests done just to make sure. I didn’t look up which particular tests I needed before I went to the doctor. That was my first mistake.

I called, asked if I could get the blood test req over the phone, avoid the appointment and the talk about the results during my regular appointment. The person who handles incoming phone calls, transferred me without telling me to someone else. She said that she would rather I come in so the doctor could look at me, she seemed to be aware of what ICP (not the Insane Clown Posse) was. She made me an appointment right then with just enough time to get me from my house to the clinic.

I waited in the room for the doc and then she came. I explained to her my itchiness and she chuckled. She went on to tell me that this is very common for overweight women to experience and it’s nothing to worry about. Another chuckle. I sighed and looked at the ground, I always find it difficult to argue with doctors, but she didn’t even ask if I had a rash at all. Wouldn’t that be normal protocol with itchiness?

I explained what I found on the internet, I also explained that I understood that the internet isn’t my doctor. I was hoping I could get the blood work done, just in case. Of course, because I am pregnant I get a little teary eyed and very frustrated with doctor’s using my weight as “w00t! quick appointment ‘you’re fat’”. She seemed to take notice and pulled out a req form. She had to Google what I Googled to find out what tests I needed to be sent for. I’m glad I didn’t have to do much fighting for a blood test. Fasting for 8 hours and getting blood taken from my arm doesn’t seem like much if a possibility of me not doing it is a still birth.

This isn’t the first time my weight has been used as an excuse for my health concerns. I get the impression that when you are fat you are immune to other diseases, since they don’t bother to check for anything else.

1. Depression – Because you are fat, but we will put you on drugs that don’t work to check you off our list. Never mind doing a blood test to see if you actually have a hormonal imbalance in your brain (This one could have also been because I was a teenager, they never take your concerns seriously then either).

2. Coarse and dry hair, cold intolerance, confusion or forgetfulness, depression, fatigue, or feeling sluggish, irritability, weakness, weight gain – Because you are FAT. Oh, wait you actually have Hashimoto disease (Hypothyroidism)! Never would have found that out if the doctor didn’t include it in her meet and greet blood tests that everyone takes.

3. Infertility (though I didn’t *know* about this one), Infrequent, absent, and/or irregular menstrual periods, Weight gain, Skin tags, Pelvic pain, Anxiety or depression – It’s because you are FAT. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, would never have known about this if it wasn’t for my IUD being MIA and the ultrasound tech. taking a peek at my ovaries.

Being overweight is actually a SYMPTOM for these problems, it should have helped my medical professional(s) diagnosis me. However, to them my being over weight wasn’t a symptom; it was the disease that caused any ailment I came in with (oh yea, and it’s self inflicted of course, it’s not like it’s a thyroid problem..oh wait).

They never ask me what my diet consists of, or how active I am. A walk-in doctor was giving me a referral to a chiropractor and was flabbergasted when she saw how flexible I was. But hey! I’m fat they can see it, it says so on the scale.That must tell them everything they need to know to assess me correctly.

They see that depression is on my list of items I have dealt with in the past, that doesn’t stop their harping on about my weight. Never actually looking into my life style. These actions, snide remarks, and chuckles do not help the horrible body image that I have kept with me all of these years. This makes me avoid doctors when I am ill, it makes me back down from trying to fight for what I think is best for my health.


Have you ever had anything similar happen to you?

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