Oh My Goodness . . .

Oh My Goodness . . .

This I woke up, got up and put coffee and enjoyed the quiet of the house before Mom woke up. She got up while I was in the shower and proceeded to go about morning business without an actual thought as to what it was she was actually doing. This is the maddening and frustrating part of Alzheimer's I so hate. Yes, I hate Alzheimer's Disease.

What is it Mom did while I was in the shower, leaving her virtually alone in the house?
1. Put a waterless cast iron frying pan on the stove, with tea bags in it, and turned the stove on. In her thought process she was making coffee.

2. Sitting in her chair waiting for the coffee to make in the cast iron pan and munching on a pigs ear. Yes, Mom was chewing on a dog treat. We had left the bag of dog treats on the counter which is a HUGE error in judgment with Mom around. Mom will eat anything she finds out, even dog and cat food.

I am hoping for a better day.  I'll let you know.