Oh My - What a Week!

I'm now on the other side of a very busy and very intense week.  It's nice to be on this side.  Things aren't without stress yet because I have more to do for a Wednesday class, but I have hopes of getting that all mapped out tomorrow day.

I also have hopes of waking up early and going for a run or a bike ride, but that's not going to happen.  The doctor even said not to because of whatever is going on with my knee.  The easy thing has been to not do anything and I keep telling myself that I should start doing something because we all know that there is an entire part of my body that doesn't include my knee.  But I haven't.

And I also haven't felt so bad about it.

That ten pounds I lost left me at a place that feels okay.  It's still in the overweight BMI so it's not where I want to stay, but it's just not a bad place to be.  My shirts button and hang over my hips.  My pants snap and don't give me wedgies.  I don't look like any fashion model, but I feel like I look like a relatively healthy person and I like that.

I just let out a huge yawn.  I'm pooped.  My kids are not.  They are in their beds yelling loudly phrases from their pretend play and singing songs they've made up.  Crazy fun little creatures they are, but I wouldn't mind if they'd start sleeping 12 hours instead of thier normal ten!!  Well, perhaps I would because I do love hanging out with them.

And now I will work some on a class I'm taking and enjoy their rambunctiousness in the dark of the room blasting in my ears.


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