Oh Na Na...What's My Name?

No this post isn’t about Rihanna….

Now that I think about it..I’ve been blogging for a while now. I probably still have a Xanga blog somewhere in the blogosphere. (Remember Xanga? I think its still around! Kind of what Myspace is now,compared to Facebook!) Then I had some other blog on Blogger that I deleted years ago. Anyways…back to what I was originally trying to say. I’ve been blogging for a few years now,mostly as a hobby.

When I started Mom In Love Forever it was definitely just a hobby. I was a stay-at-home mom and so I thought it would be fun to write about motherhood,fashion,beauty,etc. Mom In Love Forever was not always Mom-In-Love-Forever. Mom In Love Forever was onceM.I.L.F And The City. That’s right…M.I.L.F And The City! And before you start talking smack,let me explain! I know what you guys are thinking..

My acronym for M.I.L.F is: Mom ILove Forever, not the dirty version that you were probably thinking ! I mean, honestly I should of thought about the name a little more. But at the time I really liked it,plus like I said,blogging was just a hobby. M.I.L.F And The City was my blog! I realized how much I enjoyed blogging and started to get more into it. I soon started attending events little by little.

It was always the same thing at events…

“Oh you’re a blogger? How wonderful! What’s the name of your blog?”

“M.I.L.F And The City….but let me explain..”

(Seeing the look of shock on their faces…They probably thought I was a porn star or something…)

“My acronym for M.I.L.F is Mom In Love Forever.”

(Insert cricket sound here)

“Oh,okay. That’s nice. Well enjoy the rest of your evening!”


Some people actually liked the name of my blog.(Mostly my friends….) “M.I.L.F And The City!, That’s so cool, since you’re a M.I.L.F!” Haha,well uh,thanks! But you see where I’m going? The name was starting to backfire…Why are no PR companies hitting me up?!Don’t they want to work with M.I.L.F!!!  I had a twitter and barely had any followers..Who doesn’t want to follow @BklynMILF??? Whenever I got a new follower I would get so excited, but most times it was just a fake nasty sex account. Sigh…Let’s not even talk about Facebook…

Like I said,blogging started to become more than a hobby. I managed to snag a few sponsored posts. Thanks Eden Fantasys! But I knew my name had to change. I could no longer be M.I.L.F And The City…What would I become? Mom In Love Forever And The City? No,that was too long…I settled on Mom In Love Forever. I even changed my twitter handle to @BklynMamaLatina. ( @MomInLoveForever was 1 character too long.. darn it!)People actually started following me on Twitter!Facebook… Well at the time,I couldn’t change my name, plus I didn’t want to risk losing my 34 ‘likes’ I had. (Even though,I’m sure most of those ‘likes’ were my friends & family! )

I was now Mom In Love Forever.It’s amazing what a difference the name change made! The emails started coming in,people started following me. People actually started reading my blog! Most of my traffic wasn’t coming from people googling the term “M.I.L.F”.I was eventually even able to change my Facebook page name to Mom In Love Forever! (Still not many ‘Likes’ though….sigh…)

So you see, a name makes such a huge difference. It’s your brand and how you want to sell yourself. I may no longer be M.I.L.F And The City…but I am still a M.I.L.F…umm,I mean..Mom ILove Forever… ;)

**FYI..I am no longer @BklynMamaLatina on Twitter..I live in New Jersey now,so I felt like a fraud. I almost changed it to @NJMamaLatina, but it was taken,just kidding! I just didn’t want to have to change my name every time I move! I am now @LovelyVirginia on Twitter,so follow me, and please,please,pleaseeee ‘Like’ me on Facebook!**

-Virginia Gudiel
Mom In Love Forever 


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