Oh No He Didn't!!!


It was an innocent comment. I know it wasn't said out of anger or harm. And when he said it, he didn't even realize the words that were coming out of his mouth. But when my husband looked at me this morning and said "Well, because you DON'T WORK". I felt my head spin around a few times. I mustered up some self control and said "You might want to back that train up buddy because you are about to derail." I then quickly exited the room before I allowed hurt and angry words to hurl themselves out of my body.

But this is the way it's always going to be isn't it? Those who work outside the home will never fully understand what it's like to WORK inside the home. And to be fair to those who work outside the home, I don't know what it's like to leave my toddler every day to rush home after work to take care of his needs, spend quality time and do the millions of other things that need to get done. So I do realize that I don't totally understand the other side of the coin.

But let me let you in on a little secret. Stay-at-home moms work. And not only do we work, we do it with grubby little hands grabbing at us all day. We do it with numerous interruptions. I can't remember the last task that I actually completed from start to finish without being interrupted more times than I can count. We don't get a lunch break. I'm not sure I remember what food tastes like because most of my meals consist of taking bites and swallowing before I even get to taste it or sometimes chew. My meals consist of multitasking. We are not allowed to do one thing at at time.

We don't get a pee break. There are days that I just long to pee in peace. Instead, he's either trying to climb on my lap, flush repeatedly before I'm done, or yes help me 'wipe'. And don't get me started on when it's that 'time of the month'. I just thought it was bad, then I realized what it was like when you have an inquisitive 2 year old.

And to be truthful, although few and far between, there are days that I would choose an office full of gossipy back-biting women over a toddler meltdown. I'm convinced that those who make sci-fi exorcist movies get their inspiration from watching a toddler have a meltdown.

But I am happy that I am able to stay home with our child at this time. It's what we have chosen for our family. And I hope that financially we can make it work for a little while longer. But please, just because my 'work clothes' look different than yours, don't assume that I don't work.


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