Oh Old Spice Man, Are You Trying To Break My Heart?

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Dear Old Spice guy,

I've loved you for months now, ever since you rode into my life on a horse, smelling like jet fighters and punching and offering diamonds and two tickets to that thing I love. I followed you on twitter and facebook. And just recently you returned to swan dive into the best night of my life. I've been deliriously happy ever since.

Until yesterday, that is. You started sharing little video love notes with other women on the internet. And you also loved up on celebrities and some of the internet famous of the social media world. Don't get me wrong -- these are all lovely people, worthy of your attention. But why no love for me or your community of adoring fans here at BlogHer? We are one of the biggest communities of ladies on the internet. Tens of thousands have come here to meet you and to gaze upon the wonder that is those pecs, those abs, those eyes. And yet you ignore us.

I have an idea of how you could make it up to me and us. You could start with a video shout out. And then, there is this little party in New York City coming up. I'll be there with a few thousand of my good friends. We'd love to offer you two tickets to this thing we love. Come join us. I'm certain you would enjoy it just as much as my dear friend Tim Gunn. And, promise you won't wear a shirt, OK? It will be hot, and I fear if you put one on the world will stop turning on its axis.

It's not too late, darling. You can still remain number 1 in my heart and nose. You aren't yet dead to my dear friends for spurring my affections. I'm not above begging. Neither are @QueenofSpain's children. You can't resist the pleas of cute little children, can you?

Hoping to hear from you soon!



What say you dear BlogHer community? Do you share my distress over the lack of communication from the Old Spice Man Your Man Could Smell Like? Or have you moved on? What would you do to welcome him to Manhattan should he choose to join us?

BlogHer Contributing Editor PopConsumer Beyond Help


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