Oh The Places We Will Go!

There are certain numbers in your life that are milestones. There are several of them in a lifetime. Today, my youngest son turned eighteen. Suddenly, magically, he is now an adult. I know there is more to being an adult then a number. The number is just a starting place.

He can vote, defend his country, and be held legally responsible for his actions. Yesterday he still was my little boy (I know he would not like that little boy reference but he was). Just yesterday he was playing with toy trucks and having sleepovers.

I was looking at him as he ate his breakfast this morning, searching for a sign that he was an adult. Not one thing looked different. Not one single thing. Shouldn’t I see something different in him?

Where did the time go? Now, I know that some parents get sad that the years have passed and yearn for the younger days again.  I am not one of them. I have enjoyed each season in my children’s life and eagerly look forward to the next.

For me it’s like a second chance to view the world again through young eyes. Eyes, that are not jaded by the passing of the years. Eyes, that only see endless possibilities. Eyes, that see that anything is possible. Do you remember when you felt that way? I do. And now I get to do it again. I get to do things I never thought possible, things that perhaps, I was too scared to do.

As Dr. Seuss once said, “Oh the places you’ll go.” I can jump from a plane and never leave the ground. I can be an actor, politician, a college student or a long distance runner. I can take great pride in each of these things and never do them myself, for these are things my children aspire to.

Yes, today my son hit a milestone; he turned eighteen and soon will be off on the great adventure called life. I am excited for him. Surely, I will miss him so, but “Oh the places we will go!”


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