Oh Snap, I went to Zumba

Taking a Zumba class has been on my to-do list for longer than I care to admit. I can proudly say I finally checked it off my list. Why did it take so long? I am a chicken shit plain and simple.

Mr. C and I went to the gym last night instead of going out to eat while our kids went to their weekly Bible study class. The plan was for me to get in a run and do some extra cardio while Mr. C did his thing with the weights. It just so happened that Zumba was starting in the next five minutes. I paced the gym floor back and forth trying to get up the courage to take the class. I can’t even explain how nervous I was. I finally grew a pair and entered the room.

Thankfully my mind recalled Jana’s rules for Zumba and I found a spot in the back, away from the door. Seconds before the class started the instructor asked if anybody was new. Myself and the gal standing next to me were the only ones who raised their hands. The instructor smiled and said, “It’s all pretty much repetitive, just keep moving!” Then the music started and she started to shake her groove thang.

I guess I never put too much thought into what Zumba actually was. Our gym describes it as a low impact Latin based cardio workout. That was terrifying enough until the song Leaning Low Like a Cholo came on and I started to have flash backs of growing up on the South Side of Phoenix dancing at an all night kegger when I was sixteen. Oh yeah in case you didn’t know this Bible thumping, God-fearing, saved by grace gal has a shady past but I digress.

The Routines were changed up with intervals of hip hop, latin and what I would consider Bollywood music. In the beginning I focused on getting the routines down. Surprisingly this came rather easy to me. It must have been that time I spent in a dance troupe in grade school combined with my split second as a cheerleader during my would by Senior year in high school. However, knowing the routing and knowing the moves are two totally different things.

The Moves were mixed with familiar and challenging movements. Let’s just say my booty wiggles in a whole different way than the perky, young instructor shaking what her momma gave her not too long ago. Also, I wasn’t all that comfortable with some of the moves that may have been first performed on a pole. Nevertheless I kept moving. I finally got to a place where I just let go and started to feel like I was on So You Think You Can Dance. That’s freedom people!

The Mirrors are a cruel way to diminish any thoughts you have of you looking like J-Lo while grooving toI’m Sexy and I know It. That is why I positioned myself behind and to the side of people in the class so I didn’t have a single view of myself. On occasion when a dance moved called for us to whip our hips in a complete circle I would catch a glimpse and shriek at just how big I really am.

The People were fantastic. There was the young, the old and the middle-aged. There was the fit, the fat and the obese. There were the timid, the perfectionist and the free spirits. The class may have been diverse but their love of Zumba shined above all else. It is the kind of awesome sweaty fun I have been missing in my life.

Zumba gave me so much more than a cardio workout.  It allowed me to tell fear and doubt “Screw you I. Am. Doing. It!” I could shimmy and shake groove thang with pride. Most of all I walked out of that room knowing I just conquered my fear of the unknown and I loved it.

Do you Zumba?

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