Oh sod and bother!

My healthy vivacious, insane, happy puppy, has bald spots.

This morning while the boys and I were playing with Josie, I noticed that she seems to have developed some small bald spots on her tail. I think about a half dozen in total. The first thing I did was google reasons for dog balding. Worms, injury, shedding. The shedding I ruled out fairly quickly as its rather localized. Which only left injury or worms. All the worming products on the shelf are only for 4months plus. Josie is 8 weeks today. Too young for them, even though I have one in the medicine cabinet for when she comes of age, I'm one of the people who uses 'only as directed'  As for injury she's been with us a couple weeks now and apart from the occasional adorable puppy stumble no harm has come to her.

In a fit of worried new puppy owner-dom, I called my local vet, explained the situation and booked Josie in for 1130.

In a sense I feel like a failure as a puppy owner. This adorable little dog is relying on me to keep her safe and healthy and now she might have worms? Poor Josie.

I know its not a great picture but you can clearly see her bald spots.



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