Oh sod and bother! Part 2.

So we took Josie to the vet.

Turns out it's either ringworm (which she tested negative for) or the dog version of dermatitis. To cover all bases, she was dewormed and we got medicated puppy shampoo.

The vet said either way it will be cleared up in a matter of about a week or so.

We have to give her a bath twice a week with the special shampoo and take her back to the vet in a fortnight to be re-de-wormed.

I don't feel quite so bad now, at least we got it all fixed up- and vets are not as expensive as I had presumed. I was expecting about a $200 bill for this little adventure, but in total only $75. $45 for the consultation and $30 for the puppy shampoo (they de-wormed her for free) I told Josie's vet (lovely lady, looks about 12) that I felt really bad about her dog cooties, she said not to feel too bad, and that I was a very responsible pet owner for bringing her in so quickly after noticing. GO TEAM!

After the vet in celebration of Josie's cooties being curable, the dudes and I went to the park for lunch, we got fish and chips and got a ham hock at the butcher for Josie.

Twas a good day.

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